Self Identity

Unlock the Power of Your True Self for Eternal Life and Unlimited Reality via Freewill Freedom

From the desk of Robert G Brown:


Why are you here?

The age old question said to be answered as a way of life. Then why are you not happy? That is why you are really here, isn’t it?

How does a war torn world be happy?

The way we live is the puzzle. There is a struggle to be happy right now. True?

Overcome the Struggle of Life by Living Your Dreams

Easier then looks it for certain. But how? Why certain? Our world complains and fights from a pretentious view that says guilty before we put our feet in the other person’s shoes. Do you know the world I speak of? Your suspicion then may be ready to learn. …Our will can know certain.

Are you pleased so far with what you have read? Then it is time to determine your value to your world. I give you Health, Romance, Wealth, Power, because I live here too. WHAT DO YOU GIVE?

Our identity is the key to being connected to all. Our intention leads us to heaven or hell. That is family. …Only know heaven.

Identity gives existence everything we are, so don’t let existence give you less.

FIND HEAVEN NOW. Call now and talk to me, Robert G Brown, a real flesh and blood human, Mr. Brown.

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