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Welcome World – The Proud Man is The Devil Here unless the Devil is a Woman

Desk of Robert G Brown:

In-charge authority, even a parent telling a child what to do is the worst mental illness.

It is just a matter of time. The strategists for business as usual either crush and destroy your life or bound your life in chains. If there was not a God, we would be in big trouble. Do you want to know why?

I am a holy man. I talk to the world. My life experience goes to the depths of hell with God in a way God thinks I can handle…if you what I mean? The world attacks one person in front of everybody and rapes the world. Do you watch the news? God the universe is not small, and not threatened. If anyone, who do you threaten?

I am a scientific observer and accredited university teacher in mystery and a student and a minister of God resurrected in Christ and under the care of Jesus Christ. Sovereign in citizenship under the care of the United State and the care and protection of the world. Sovereignty is an individual legal right.

I established the tribe of Judah on Earth and received the honor of The Star of David, honored with the title lucifer about at least 3 times, and honored as God’s father.

Anywhere you are at, you can talk to God. God doesn’t tell you what to do. God doesn’t tell you not to do. God doesn’t say do it this way. God’s healers need to heal your insanity to experience heaven wholly, so they may talk about why this is…that God wants you to be happy. You don’t have to think say or do anything and you can do whatever you want. What makes you happy?

Be sane. You don’t have to do think or say anything to be happy with God. Do you believe in God? Sounds like vacation already.

I would be proud of any dad that did what I am doing here. With the human race as dominion, the protectors of all life, I give you the utmost kindness and respect.

If everybody has a piece of the story, it is a big story. The sin of God is the people, not one person. The son of God is the people, not one person. You have the same power as the Pope and Jesus Christ. You are God’s kid in my eyes.

Message to liars cheaters thieves rapists molesters murderers evil sorcerers illusionists historians and all destroyers of life:

I am not deceived. i am a historian. I record everything.

Why don’t you get a real job and learn how to act right? Don’t be deceived. We are all coming back in each moment of everyday or the next life in the case of death. Is death your friend?

This is our house, our land, our planet, and until then I am a visitor here, and your host.

Smiling at a flower saves the world. What did you do today?

Sex is not necessary for creation. It is one way to create. I don’t know what reality is yet, but it is better here.

There was something here before I got here. That’s God. Look around It’s in everything you see. All I see is this.

You can think. You can say. You can do. Now what? Do you think you will get through this the way you thought? Get through what? Do you know where you are going?

You don’t deal with insanity. You have fun with it. You could learn something. True? I think health is understanding it, not medicating, unless temporarily to get back to research and cure. Mental health is curable. Don’t listen to voices tell you what to do. Tell them to come talk to you, so you don”t do something you regret. This is healing for schizophrenia. Please practice.

Do you breathe to die or live eternal? I believe there are few eternal souls? You have the tools to heal and be free? If so, do you use them? Do you need Christ’s assistance. Ask The Holy Spirit to be your friend, and learn about friendship.

Hello. How are you? Thank you for being here. My name is learner. I hope you see eternal life unlimited and free, every time you join us. Good luck on your adventures and explorations. Faith leads by investment. What are your life investments? Do your investments lead you to life or death?

The light of God is here, and the truth will be told.

- Robert G Brown

I hope you are happy inside all the time. If your audio is on, the latest track from beat down productions started playing on compatible devices. Healing music that cleanses the soul and reconnects you with the spirit. The music player is below.

Are you ready for some devil music with the #1 healing acoustic guitar dancer in the world?

If you ever needed a savior, rumor has it God sent one, The Holy Spirit. A Friend to talk to and share His peace with us. Did the devil do that? The devil will get you high?

The is… that is where God sees it? How you see it understands relationship? Your intellect is cared for by your decision and willingness to correct mistakes? I say be creative. Protect life is our care. Do you even want to be happy?

Should any kid be able to talk to their parents about anything?

i live in Heaven, It is not okay I live alone.

-The Minister Robert G Brown

…Where is lachinga?

I am having fun with communication. You?

I don’t want to contribute to hurt or death any more.

This i s my foundation for the infrastructure as a part of a family that presents the whole giving protection from death to all life in c orrect communication unlimited thinking. I am building a team that reaches to everyone for global distribution of living information that connects us all in honest health that lives forever by God’s holy light that fills us with life. The body is not a prison when understood.

Help me connect.

I want to go around the world a lot and make sure it is safe for children.

I will have babies with you if I like to be around you and you like to be around me.

Momma Gaia wasn’t kidding when she said the ipod 6 phone is almost complete?

God is taking us to peace? God is taking us to peace. Which one?

There is a ladder the way live now. Some people are harmful, others protect life.

The I am sees there is more then himself is representative of the Father and as Son He sees His Father. The mother is lost because the prostitute rapes her daughter for money. …And the Father tries to gain power through money to help heal the world, but money is the devil’s blood even if the value is neutral. Putting money out of business is the Father’s solution.

Wisdom is a friend? I said it; I did it. Proud is simple. False pride says you are in-charge, and it is someone else’s job? The light shines away the darkness. Your proud story says your decision is yours and you lived by it. Proud is not afraid of its life. Is your life hiding in a closet? Are you afraid to tell on your self? Why wouldn’t someone want you to know about their life?

Your Answer is in your story? You said what?

You love your self so much that you hate your self so much to the point you get punched by the holy spirit all day and that is a friend compared to how you treat your self.

May your vision be expressed through your experiences and discoveries to reveal reality. It has been hidden by illusions. Does freedom cost money?

Say retardacle. Tell your kids.

Request a playdate.

You can all be rich and I know how to do it…is how I felt for the last 4 years. I wanted to have a peaceful conversation with the world as ladies and gentleman. This is my life. Can you say the same?

Scams infested business? We don’t solve problems when we infest business with death dynamics via death thoughts, unless we see the problem as healers and teachers. Cleansing fear and releasing the past in revelation to all the everything that saw it all. The light heals to the innocence of God is celebration.

Actuality is our weakest link, while our greatest strengths and attributes are merely our potential. This type of thinking seeks to solve problems and strives to create true equality.

- Robert Gordon Brown

God I was thinking the same thing. I want to say that when I really mean it, and not trick myself.

03.13.2019 God’s timing said…when you think you are mad at one person, think, there are many people that are the same way? How can you find peace in knowing that?

A Course in Miracles Study Group

Monday 6pm to 7pm
2321 Dauphin St.
Philadelphia, PA 19132
3 Floor Seats on Blanket
RSVP 856 669 8229
…to see if your seat is available.

Healing Center healing center

Talk to God means you are alive?

Give me all your money. Good idea?

know radio video edutainment with beat down productions

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Know Radio Video Suite with Mr Brown School Teacher

The holy body is light. The ego body is physical. If you can see both you can heal instantly? At a football game you could see the bubble of the holy body almost transparently like a light bulb and be human at the same time, and at any impact the the players and spectators could heal instantly.



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