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I am the level until we are at my level is why God chose me.

The HOLY SPIRIT has landed. My name is Robert Gordon Brown Christ as Heaven, I AM. This is a 911 emergency website. Please come here or do not give your attention here at all and please make your own corrections as it was all written at lightning speeds with your life, sanity, and health as my consideration.

Question everything.

Actuality is our weakest link, while our greatest strengths and attributes are merely our potential. This type of thinking seeks to solve problems and creates true equality.

- Robert Gordon Brown

Harmless cannot hurt or be hurt. Practice. Sacred love prevails. It is a superior love.

I didn’t know what was important, priority, or purpose. Now I do.

Hello World!

This is a man’s life in Christ; ordained by planet Earth, with more authors to come.

Physics is God’s religion and His way of being able to express Himself always with His children. ([C]hildren*?) You can use the ego to live in Heaven, right here, right now. This is a treasure chest…a dragon’s treasure, so it is all over the place and digitized for healing. Line of protection in my life is Brandon Amy Dad Mom Kim. Kim is the last line of protection and Brandon is the boss. They can do whatever they want for me without my knowledge. …AND I THINK YOU ARE AGAINST LIFE, OR YOU WOULDN’T BE HERE.

All characters are fictional. Maybe.

You Don’t Want to Play Anymore

I have treated you like you mean something.

There is nobody good enough for me if you are not over talking to me in your body I can see.

I am stubborn, so I ask you God to help me heal my own stubbornness, even if it helps other people. AMEN

I AM the lamb of God. Can you say the same? Holy holy holy is the lamb.

The Eagle has landed and the site is called Beware of the false prophet. Is it profit?

Nobody has to do anything for YOU for YOU to find Heaven. God created It and you are hiding from It. A Course in Miracles is good book that helps you see Heaven. So are Carlos Castaneda books and Neo-Tech manuscripts. They are my eagle falcon and condor, but God’s message is everywhere, so good luck on your journey.

2+2=unknown variable (a guitar can sit forever and be fine unless it turns to dust TYPE THINKING but the plant in my life needs water right now) My guitar said it is perfectly happy sitting forever.

Nobody be with girls is how you get all the information?

The new kingdom of heaven is here. Where good and evil are harmless. In your world, good and evil makes people sick, hurts people, and kills people, both good and evil.

Why Pray?

From what we know about God, it is harmless to pray, so it would stupid not to use the resource. …And people just want to fuck it off, what we did?

Insecurities and pleasure bring pain, and little treasures love conflict doubt and guilt, more or less. …But continue to give your little treasures and see what The Source sends back.

Did I make any mistakes? Good question?

The 911 emergency here for 5 years is your baby is here getting kicked in the head by the worst evil, metaphorically speaking with written words.

The best information I got is you are all unlikable rapists. Speak up. Tell me I am wrong. That is thanks.

Plan for an 1000 year war with the ability to win it at any moment. My dad is a fierce competitor. And my mom is a good foundation.

I am a loving father, perfect mother…unconditional love.

I don’t talk through walls because they aren’t fixed yet.

I plan my own parties because I don’t have to think say or do anything I don’t want to, and you have no idea what is going to happen when you get here is plenty surprise, don’t you think? Come now please or don’t.

If you are not sure, everything here on this site is a question.

Hit play on both? You will never help people the same video watcher:

Now you need a happy song helper miracle?

Thank you holy spirit for the blessing.

Do you know who you are?

Free Self Help Book Worth $7

You Do Not Listen To Any One To Have Your Perfect And The Burden Is Not For Any One?

Peace has no feeling no touch no stress no pressure no words no thought no action. You find peace and then you can do everything in peace.

If we aint gonna talk about it, I don’t know what is right or wrong, but I know this aint right the way we live.

- Robert Gordon Brown

Is the quote a peace lesson?

A Course in Miracles states…teach peace to learn peace.

Is the quote a peace lesson?

God has a plan for your life and God loves you and wants to be with you, so He must have a plan for His life too.


911 Emergency Worldwide

I expect every person to come talk to me now…is my patience. It is a 911 emergency martial order for every citizen of planet earth with their written notice ASAP RSVP to be here within 10 years or your stated time intentions of zero to never. I will appreciate your polite kindness with Godspeed to receive your written word. I love you with care and protection. Lucifer the Son of the Morning Robert Gordon Brown Bobby Mr Brown Christ and Father of Brandon Xavier Brown.

I am Jesus Christ’s Protection Unit Commander What of Universal Martial Law – temporary healing protocols for our sanity.

Eye-to-eye Captain!

There is one dad one mom and one kid perspective here that learns care protection and harmless behavior as a part of family and all life is included as family.

Mail to:
20 Providence Ct.
Delran, NJ 08075

Appointments directed by SECNAV
Phone: 856 669 8229

Please help is all I said for 5 years. Please come over now. It is a body issue because I suffered from the same issue and I realized that is what helped me. Eye-to-eye communication is what I didn’t do properly.

Child Molester Alert System has now been activated by name address and phone #. Thank you holy spirit.

-all the names

Welcome World – The Proud Man is The Devil Here unless the Devil is a Woman

Read every word here to know the meaning of this site. It is not for people that hide anything. None of you should of had kids if you wanted them to be punished or you are okay with kids being punished.

14 Nations have declared war on one man that represents a new nation of peace, that seeks to conquer the world as dominion. Protectors and caregivers of life in accordance with nature and God”s changeless laws. 14 nations represent a new world order and survival of the fittest through natural selection believing they control existence and seek to destroy God and his children known as the kingdom of heaven. As caregivers of Earth, God’s children see that during Gaia’s gradual growth there may be times we need to be on Mars or Venus or the moon to allow proper development, not control her development. God is limitless and responsible, not restricted. Life is God’s and all his children are worthy. Natural selection says death is okay and humans can decide what lives or dies. Fight to survive or live as one. Eternal life out-competes survival by caring for life not controlling it. Everything you see is the one son of God and you are included. The first trumpet has sounded.

Reliable Information for Informed Decision

Desk of Robert G Brown:

Worry about your self. That’s what my dad always said. Know what is right for you, no matter what is said. Remember the dead?

Do you want a president or someone to carry you when you can’t carry me? Are you the lamb of God?

Date: What time it is? (Spanglish?) Wall smash. Today’s Date

She knows someone is going to fuck this she says to herself is her manner no matter her relationship. Her husband is her reason even if she hasn’t met him yet and she is for only him.

Welcome to faggot world. Where the world wants to turn kids into homosexuals. Do you want kids to grow up and become homosexuals? You don’t know what you want because I don’t have it the way I want it. What does that mean? Suck-a-dick should be said in person.

Where is planet Earth?

Heaven always peacefully here, at peace peacefully here, with God’s given protection, that protects the faithful loving life protectors from God and everything else. That’s how important God’s protection is to Him and The Almighty, that it even protects you from God if need be. The creation of the holy spirit and the Christ protection mind Guides and Protects us with our investment in our asking and our willingness.. All you have to do is ask Him to be your friend and be willing to protect life and you will know a friend forever as a proud human that knows what it said did and thought. God’s one son is everything you see and beyond including your self, not one person and nobody else. Christ is a simple name. Is it yours yet?

The FoG is rollin’ in. The Family of God bringing World Family Community…one nation within God’s mind.

I ask God to write my story for a while? I am right where I am at. They can’t even get here, so I have to do something else. Everybody knows best for me, so far? Even if you lied it is the truth, that you lied. I don’t think people should be hurt, and I don’t know what that means. If I ask God to lay here forever, it would be okay. That’s Heaven. The real evil people talk to this harmlessly. Come here. Stay. Where you goin? Stop in the name of love.

Now, I would like to lay here forever and it be okay. Short story? How long is forever? Or anything else I love…

For many of you, there is nothing here at this time. I think it is because you cannot do anything for your Self, or is it by your self? I have trouble with the 2nd I think? Because it doesn’t go well with the first, in my life. Do I know anything? I could be wrong, but you decide. It may be something else. Or are you right where you belong? The opposite of no pain no gain? Do you hurt?

Quick Story:

Petting a black man’s head puts him, to sleep? That’s what my black friend Kenny Bennett said to me one time. I don’t think he was lying is cool to say in a guilty place. Better not let him touch your head then, if you think he is going to kill you, right ladies?

Dominion – any human should be dead before any house fly. Dominion protects life. Do you?

Correct – I am correct with my Self. Nobody can say i am correct but me. You too?

Advice. – if you want something done you can do yourself, you should do it. If you don’t like it, that is advice to my Self.

Right – seeking reality. Wrong?

Credit – I share myself including what I choose to share. I express the teachers I learn from and believe in. I am paid up and in full. Ask God! Plus, everything is recorded. Shh, right?

Freedom – only atheists go to Heaven? I want to know more. I learn and we all teach.

You are my inspiration, as well as, all the citizens of our beautiful planet, and all living things great and small that live with us, as I learn from the world we live in. I am allowed to think you are vial disgusting piece of faggot for any reason, and what i think about you can change. I know where I live. I like people. Let’s take it from there.

There is nothing to apologize for. I love you. Unconditional love is science’s missing link that connects spirituality to scientific discovery as observers and experimenters is my new discovery and understanding. Would you like to challenge my findings? Read every word here.

Hope and Faith’s Protection in Unconditional Love

God is someway feels like I do at all times. That is real safety. God lives here too. God’s love is for us. That’s what I think. Who are you.

A part of a family? The Family of God? Heaven, God Almighty, and His Holy Spirit Know His Kids Innocent. What? Do you want to find why how when and where?

What do you believe? What do you know? What is belief? What is knowledge?

This is the war in Heaven? Armageddon began at the cross that spilled Jesus Christ’s innocent blood?

Given Tools:
Hope. Faith. Love.
Any others you use?

10 Commandments:

Love Commandments:
1. Love God first with all your might.
2. Love your Neighbor as your Self. (I like …as God loves you, but who is God?)

…And when you hate your neighbor is that how you love your self? Do you hate yourself? Good questions?

The Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

- Jesus Christ

save the world – know radio video

beat down happy times by a little blue

The Bible in the New Testament says love your enemies, and leave the rest to God. Reserve judgment for God are the words I remember. Eyes see. It is like dumping hot coals on your enemy’s head to love your enemy. What if you find out you are the enemy or we all are?

Matthew Chapter 5 NIV - Love Your Enemies

43“You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor i and hate your enemy.’ 44But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? 47And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? 48Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Healing direction is what peace is thought to be. What is peace to you? I want it right for everybody, not some people. Do you?

Healing Services That Make You Happy!

Need healing or know someone who does? Psychotherapy helps remove fear blocks that can disrupt your life. Not sure? Make an informed decision. Get answers to your questions. Be thorough in your investigation. Good advice?

Effects of In-charge Authority

In-charge authority, even a parent telling a child what to do is the worst mental illness. Any thoughts?

It is just a matter of time. The strategists for business as usual stress and pressure your life, while bound in the chains of routine, that lead you to death. Do you see the same?

The God I worship does not punish or kill. Dominion protects all life. There is something wrong here. We shit in the river and move trash around and hide behind an image that forces guilt upon each other. and subdivide our planets citizens into classes the portray the illusion of better or worse, and richer or poorer. Where do you stand in our crumbling pyramid scam of more or less?

A divided house will fall.

- Abraham Lincoln

Life Purpose as a Learner and a Healer

A path with heart gets your head right here, right now. The present moment is a gift. Where do you live?

I am a holy man. I talk to the world. My life experience goes to the depths of hell with God in a way God thinks I can handle…if you know what I mean? The world attacks one person in front of everybody and rapes the world. Do you watch the news? God the universe is not small, and not threatened. That is my faith in the eternal.

If anyone, who do you threaten?

I am a scientific observer and accredited university teacher in mystery and a student and a minister of God resurrected in Christ and under the care and teaching of Jesus Christ. Sovereign in citizenship under the care of the United States and the care and protection of the world. Sovereignty is an individual legal right. Heaven is a state of mind, so is hell?

I established the tribe of Judah on Earth and received the honor of The Star of David, given the title of Lucifer about at least 3 times, and honored as God’s father. Who knows about this information?

Anywhere you are at, you can talk to God. God doesn’t tell you what to do. God doesn’t tell you not to do. God doesn’t say you have to do it this way. God’s healers need to heal your insanity to experience heaven wholly, so they may talk about why this is…that God wants you to be happy. You don’t have to think say or do anything and you can do whatever you want. What makes you happy?

Sanity? How do define sanity?

I think you don’t have to do think or say anything to be happy with God? Do you believe in God? Sounds like vacation already. You don’t have to think say or do anything to live eternally. Cigarettes cause cancer are curse words. You give everything when you think say or do anything and you may if you don’t think say or do anything. The secret to life. You decide. That’s what I say if the latter is true? It must be. I am and you don’y have to think say or do anything. What does God think? About us?

What is the Real Story?

I would be proud of any dad that did what I am doing here. With the human race as dominion, the protectors of all life, I give you the utmost kindness and respect.

If everybody has a piece of the story, it is a big story. The sin of God is the people, not one person. Teaching death is real is sin. Everything else are the problems that come with thinking death is real. It is the original sin. What have you been taught sin is?

The Son of God is the people, not one person? I think it is everything you see and beyond.

Every number is the power of 1. You have the same power as the Pope and Jesus Christ. You are God’s kid in my eyes. Do you know your life’s purpose? What do you seek from your life experience?

Are you against God? The God I worship does not punish or kill. Does your god punish or kill?

Message to liars cheaters thieves rapists molesters murderers evil sorcerers illusionists historians and all destroyers of life:

I study deception for protection. I am a historian. I record everything. Are you scared of others to know you like God Knows you?

See Beyond Mental Blocks

Why don’t you get a real job and learn how to act right? Don’t be deceived. Ignorance is bliss? Denial hides your concerns? We are all coming back in each moment of everyday or the next life in the case of death. Is death your friend?

This is our house, our land, our planet, and until then I am a visitor here, and your host.

Smiling at a flower saves the world. You don’t have think say or do anything to live forever. Cigarettes causes cancers are curse words, and can lead to death. Cigarettes are not the serial killer, your thoughts and words are the serial killer that give cigarettes their power. Do you think that is true? What did you think say and do today?

Sex is not necessary for creation. It is one way to create. True or false?

I see horniness as a cooping mechanism for rape victims. And sex is rape on all, if anyone is being mistreated sexually, so we are all rape victims. How do you see it?

Freedom Reality and Problem Solving

I don’t know what reality is yet, but it is better here. I am learning and if nobody else likes my message, I learn from it all day long.

There was something here before I got here. That’s God. Look around. It’s in everything you see. All I see is this. Do you think our investment in death hides reality?

You can think. You can say. You can do. Now what? Do you think you will get through this the way you thought? Get through what? Do you know where you are going? Live or die? What do you teach? I think this is what Jesus Christ means by you cannot serve two masters.

You don’t deal with insanity. You have fun with it. You could learn something. True? I think health is understanding it, not medicating, unless temporarily to get back to research and cure. Mental illness is curable. Don’t listen to voices tell you what to do. Tell them to come talk to you, so you don”t do something you regret. This is healing for schizophrenia. Please practice.

Do you breathe to die or live eternal? I believe there are few eternal souls, but don’t know for sure, but see power in their message that stands apart for other teachings. Faith is important in my life, and an investment. Flies swatters do have power to kill flies. Right?

You have the tools to heal and be free? If so, do you use them? Do you need Christ’s assistance? Ask The Holy Spirit to be your friend, and learn about friendship.

I was never taught The Holy Spirit is a Friend in the churches I have attended. The book, A Course Miracles opened my eyes.

A Course in Miracles Study Group

Monday 6pm to 8pm
Public Meeting Location
Philadephia, PA Area
RSVP 856 669 8229
…for current location.

City of Philadelphia

Ben Franklin Bridge Race Street Peer

Race Street Peer

A Course in Miracles

Course Materials – Info Click

a course in miracles

Hello World Again

Hello. How are you? Thank you for being here. My name is learner. I hope you see eternal life unlimited and free, every time you join us. Good luck on your adventures and explorations. Faith leads by investment. What are your life investments? Do your investments lead you to life or death?

I hope you are happy inside all the time.

If you ever needed a savior, rumor has it God sent one, The Holy Spirit. A Friend to talk to and share His peace with us. Did the devil do that? The devil will get you high?

The is… that is where God sees it? How you see it understands relationship? Your intellect is cared for by your decision and willingness to correct mistakes? I say be creative. Protect life is our care. Do you even want to be happy?

Should any kid be able to talk to their parents about anything?

I live in Heaven. I am Heaven. Is it okay I live alone? I don’t think so.

-The Minister Robert G Brown

Creativity and Imagination Helps Us Moving Forward to See the Real World

…Where is lachinga?

I am having fun with communication. You?

I don’t want to contribute to hurt or death any more. I pray to God I don’t. I am and can call the reason I am anything I want. Right God?

This i s my foundation for the infrastructure as a part of a family that presents the whole giving protection from death to all life in correct communication unlimited thinking. I am building a team that reaches to everyone for global distribution of living information that connects us all in honest health that lives forever by God’s holy light that fills us with life. The body is not a prison when understood.

Global Information Network Uncovers Scams and Reveals Individual Character

Help me connect.

I want to go around the world a lot and make sure it is safe for children.

I will have babies with you if I like to be around you and you like to be around me. What is a wife or husband?

Are you having fun? Is your life happy?

Momma Gaia wasn’t kidding when she said the ipod 6 phone is almost complete? When you climb in, it calls you and shoots you off the planet into outer space. Seriously, just kidding?

God is taking us to peace? God is taking us to peace. Which one?

There is a ladder the way we live now. Some people are harmful, others protect life, and there are levels of experience. Do you agree?

We are all teachers when you see it.

Unconditional Love Gives All and Expects Nothing

Give to receive. What is given is received in spirit, as unconditional is unlimited and always extending according to, A Course in Miracles. When you give a physical item it seems to be lost to the receiver, but the love shared in its offering is always. Do you see that too?

Do you love your self so much that you hate your self so much to the point you get punched by The Holy Spirit all day? Have you had a similar experience? Eternal damnation or a good lesson from a Friend that heals and releases your past to free you from a horrific future to give way to the present. Is that a friend compared to how you treat your self and others?

May your vision be expressed through your experiences and discoveries to reveal reality. It has been hidden by illusions. Does freedom cost money?

Lighten Up

Say retardacle. Tell your friends. Request a music playdate.

Unlimited Wealth is Beyond Money

We can all be rich and I know how to do it…is how I felt for the last 4 years. I wanted to have a peaceful conversation with the world as ladies and gentleman. This is my life. I live here too. Who runs your life?

Scams infested business?

We don’t solve problems when we infest business with death dynamics via death thoughts, unless we see the problem as healers and teachers. Cleansing fear and releasing the past in revelation to all the everything that saw it all. The light heals to the innocence of God is celebration.

Actuality is our weakest link, while our greatest strengths and attributes are merely our potential. This type of thinking seeks to solve problems and strives to create true equality.

- Robert Gordon Brown

Simple Prayers A Holy Kiss

Help me see Answers and find freedom in the world around me that Guide my life to understand reality.

Help me correct mistakes and solve problems and reveal new healing opportunities in a problematic world.

Give. Share. Expand.

Give me all your money. Good idea?

Invest in World Peace via World Family Community.

know radio video edutainment with beatdownproductions

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Know Radio Video Suite with Mr Brown School Teacher

The Light of Truth

The holy body is light. The ego body is physical. Have you seen the Light of the World?

If you can see both you can heal instantly? At a football game you could see the bubble of the holy body almost transparently like a light bulb and be human at the same time, and at any impact the the players and spectators could heal instantly.



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