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Save the world. Free the world. Heal the world. Teach peace. Share your heart. Give love. Unlimited and free see reality. Freedom learns discovers adventures explores and solves problems.

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All proceeds go directly to global redevelopment and planetary protection for all life. Gobal network building as well as research and development will be the focus in designing the appropriate infrastructure for creative sharing on an open source platform that puts sickness and death out business and unleashes unlimited mind power within reality establising freedom as our guide to understanding sanity in our brain damaged global marketplace.

Thank you for your continued commitment to building a world family community that goes beyond government responsibility to self-responsibility putting family and community first. You are worth it.

Peace and love unlimited to you today, and thanks a lot for not being scared to invest in freedom and reality.

Mission Objectives

Build a Global Network

Design a Global Infrastructure

Reduce costs to nothing

Feed the hungry

Heal the sick

Food Clothing and Shelter for everyone in abundance

Recycle everything

Seamlessly integrate the world for universal riches beyond money

Solve Problems

Kill Death

World Family Community

History always repeats itself, when it is time for change. Recycle everything is our next evolution towards real freedom…the freedom that doesn’t cost anything, except for your contribution as a part of a family, which includes every living thing living together harmoniously as a World Family Community. Real change is right around the corner, and I will tell you why…you are ready for real change.

In effort to bring about global change as a World Family Community, we are creating an open source infrastructure that expresses our deepest wants and desires while understanding acceptance through active tolerance and spiritual healing that out-competes all modern day healing, waste of money, waste of time healing practices. Whether understood or not, all sickness is psychological, before any physiological symptoms appear. Cost of death healthcare can upgrade to true forgiveness. We are eternal life, when we understand who we are as God’s children.

Priority recycles everything, as we learn how to never throw anything away ever again. Shame on us all for not realizing this sooner. The bottom line should already be what the top elites on our planet embrace as far as food clothing and shelter, when we understand our deepest contributions come from giving our heart desires to the world we live in. If you have lost your way, it is the responsibility of us all to help get you back on track as quickly as possible.

Feeding, clothing, and housing, God’s Mansion Style, asks “What does your Heaven look like?”

What are you willing to contribute consistently? God loves us all the same, unconditionally. Speak the truth; give love and forgive takes us a step closer to understanding the truth has never changed, we hid from it.

Let food be thy medicine feeds one another through micro farms and gardens, indoor and outdoor. Educating our communities to become micro gardeners can happen rapidly once we remember our heritage. Back to the dirt tactics that take very little time and maintenance to care for is our goal as we feed each other via CSA (community supported agriculture) marketplace, which gives us the opportunity to meet our family within the community as we embrace our roots as farmers, using technology to balance, care for, and love nature.

Donations will go towards gathering the open source infrastructure team, so we may all build the infrastructure together with a user friendly interface that anyone can contribute to easily and effortlessly.

We are building a network that includes everyone, and I haven’t spoken with everyone yet, but I heard geeks and nerds work cheap on a project like this. But marketing and research will be our primary focus initially to build a solid infrastructure open to unlimited upgrade and a global information network to give you the power and confidence to make informed decisions.

Make a Donation Today

Donate for the kids. Donate for your history story. Donate for freedom and reality. Donate to protect life. Donate to support peace.

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Sword Light LLC

Sword Light llc is borderland company that helps with the transition to freedom and reality…not the one that costs money and buries you in a graveyard. Freedom and reality lives as one eternally ever after. Help end sickness and death’s reign of torture, by putting them out of business. Donate today and inquire about a career at:

Note** – Sword Light LLC is taxed as a proprietorship, until it is ready to go forward as a non-profit company.

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