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life is right

Life is Right Robert G Brown Sunday 04.14.2019 There is nothing wrong with peace. Everything else is questionable. …But we all have different gifts …

Life is Right
discipline lachinga a little blue mr brown school teacher robert g brown

Discipline Calling students. Discipline is a sense of your Self. Who are you at peace? Who are you at war, until you heal? Who …

Secret to Immortality

Secret to Immortality? …digi .doc 7.0 Immortality Eternal Life Freedom Reality Read every word on this site. Maybe you will see it. Skip around. …

Secret to Immortality
world scam alert

World Scam Alert by Robert G Brown stardate: Wednesday 07.04.2018 Shit in the river and move trash around. Can you believe that is the …

World Scam Alert
slave whips mystery

Slave Whips Mystery by  Robert G Brown Tuesday 2.6.2018 How could you celebrate in Heaven, if even one person was suffering eternal punishment in …

Slave Whips Mystery
choke rice

Choke Rice by Robert G Brown Thursday – 11.23.2017 – Happy Thanksgiving Dear In-charge, Choke rice. While you have the money to buy the …

Choke Rice

Backwards in Time by FoG, right Robert G Brown? 8.22.2017 Lock it the fuck down already; the past is behind you. Face everything know …

Backwards in Time
slutballs on crack

Slutballs on Crack by Robert G Brown Friday 6/26/2017 Slutballs on crack seems to appeal to the senses. There are many subcultures that many …

Slutballs on Crack
dear god

dEAR GOD, Is this because I ever smiled? A question like this is detrimental to your health. Is it? I feel like when I …