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discipline lachinga a little blue mr brown school teacher robert g brown

Discipline Calling students. Discipline is a sense of your Self. Who are you at peace? Who are you at war, until you heal? Who …

Get a Real Job

Get a Real Job by Robert G Brown stardate Sunday 12.23.2018 Cigarette smoking has become my #1 medicine and meditation for life. While many …

Get a Real Job
Dangerous People

Dangerous People by Robert G Brown Stardate: Sunday 12.02.2018 Dangerous people will kill you for what you say. Dangerous people will tell that cigarettes …

Dangerous People
666 you are marked

666 You Are Marked by Robert G Brown stardate: Friday 09.21.2018 Updated 11.11.2018 Your planet Momma Gaia, planet Earth places the mark of the …

666 You Are Marked
Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction by Robert G Brown Saturday 08.12.2018 That person smokes cocaine so I am better then them is pompous asshole. I am one …

Drug Addiction
jesus has returned

Jesus has Returned by Robert G Brown Stardate: Wednesday 07.11.2018 Welcome home Jesus Christ. Prepare your house for the Lord. Mine is a little …

Jesus has Returned
world scam alert

World Scam Alert by Robert G Brown stardate: Wednesday 07.04.2018 Shit in the river and move trash around. Can you believe that is the …

World Scam Alert