Slap Table – Welcome to Faggot World

God’s changeless law: freewill leads to freedom. Every person can attest freewill is of God, even atheists. Spending trillions of years in hell will lead you back to Heaven as God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are with you always, even in the darkest depths of hell.

The lovers on this planet want to be killed, because no one will let them share. Humans don’t want help, they want to torture each other, so they can sell healthcare plans. End the torture. Ask politely to shoot me, or stop by. I don’t want to live on your mental institution torture chamber anymore, you call planet Earth. I already conquered your world, and you still won’t let me share mine. I just wanted to share my life with you, please remember that.

…because you’re a faggot? Faggots think they are better than you and don’t care who dies today, so they can uphold their faggot world. Deceptive and painful, lacking the mouth-responsibility and self-responsibility to live their own life, they tell you what to do, helping you believe that in-charge leadership until you are dead is just the way it is.

Don’t forgot ignorant faggots, that believe ignoring important situations in their life, tossing away opportunities, and throwing life in the trash, usually any life that isn’t theirs is all faggot.  Your fairy tale land is an illusion you made up in your head, so you could escape reality. People are going to die today. Don’t pretend it is not happening, you will hate your self forever, once you know better.

Faggots are lying, murdering, thieves that destroy human life in the name of humanity. Faggots tell you what to do, so you don’t know they’re faggots? People that tell you what to do, don’t know anything, so they hide behind their orders, so you don’t know they don’t know anything. Imposters are faggots too, and pull the wool over your faggot eyes.


P.S. What’s your history book look like? 0 to Whatever Stories from at least 7.5 billion people. Yours is good? Buying or selling anything is faggot shit!