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it's like I don't like to know I don't think kung fu

Learn to be the nigger. (a slave to love)

Is Eddie Murphy it?

Master coward faggot style kung fu and wish you were always a coward faggot. Learn about pain and how to manage it until there is never pain again and how to avoid trouble permanently.

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It is okay to be really good at kung fu.

The most powerful punch is faster than the fastest punch is everything I know about kung fu, unless I can do it slower. That is hope looking for faith?

it’s like i don’t like to know i don’t think kung fu style kong fu

It is okay to want to be strong.

It’s bad for your health, right? Haha. You get healthy. Contact your doctor about hemp marijuana.

Tickle me pee pees finishes the dish.

God is letting me play with death right now. I hope to see you soon.

3 words that will never let you be a real person…nigger coward and faggot, until you can talk about them with intelligence whenever you want to. It is the same with rape, child molester, and homosexual.

Improvise Adapt Overcome Semper Fi kid playing The Marines idiot savant. Improvise Adapt Overcome Semper Fi kid playing The Marines idiot savant.

Class Attire: anything you want even high heals

Harmless No Touch, Hug Fu, and Worldly Etiquette Taught Here

kung fu minister robert gordon brown guardian of light

Kung Fu Minister Robert Gordon Brown Guardian of Life

Try to come over here.

[videopress KyCWDhDj]

Harmless Martial Dance of Peace and Healing Expressed with Love Unconditional Defenselessness

I AM…. So I can be. Important? Nothing? I AM. Don Juan Matus is a friend.

It is not effortless, but constant maximum energy. It takes time to spank it is my experience. It is a no force no energy soft internal kung fu style that heals friend or foe. Mr. Brown or Robert for old people is my name or …teacher is simple, and if I decide to like you, maybe I will tell you to call me Bob. I am a learner teacher. I like to teach what I learn, and what you have learned is important to my teaching. I teach my self and learn from the world around me to inspire natural universal correction and healing throughout the whole body and the cosmos.

kung fu class

peach tree punch

by Robert G Brown and god trying to steal my shit

You are always before God, and even if God is not my friend right now, even if I can’t do this to God or Momma Gaia, because I had to stop being a friend to God because He pissed me off, and I know something is wrong, and I have to kick your ass. …Unless you want to join my elite healing squad of just me and whoever joins, or go fuck your self like I do.

Developed over years of stress and struggle. Overcoming pain and learning to heal quickly are it’s foundations in our dying world, using stress to find peace and solve problems efficiently. Letting go of routine, and remembering your creativity by remembering what you like about your self and what makes you happy. Music and dance are our martial tools. Food and balance is our foundational healing tools through the art of mistake knowing forgiveness sees through the darkness beyond forgiveness, to see freedom as we always are in the light of Truth. God Himself and The Creation are my Love and Father and Mother and Creator. Unconditional love is the foundation for science and i said it i did it philosophy leads to understanding of each dimension’s principles protocols and safety security. This is our university, and food clothing and shelter in abundance is our goal for 3D.  …And now medicine in abundance as well with our current health problems.

You will discover how develop your own principles for living by sharing ideas with trusted companions instead of listening to others tell you what to do. Learning to trust your surroundings and seeing your Self in others so you know who to walk with by the value of i said it i did it philosophy. We work through all issues and solve problems even when our companions may slip into the darkness, we are there to gently guide them out even using stress techniques to build constitution and integrity, so relaxation peace and true pleasure (no one gets hurt forward thinking strategies rehabs relationship quickly to instantly), before real love pure love pleasures can be expressed with everything in full appreciation for all creation, so you can obtain any awareness with ease in each dimensional vibration in the complete love and expression of God and His Kingdom. If there is an issue, those involved work through stresses until healed by creative problem solving and unconditional love relationship building development repair and maintenance.

We use the art of mistake to correct errors and solve problems to learn efficiency and know our pride and justice is i said i did it. Freedom is our mission, and knowledge is our faith’s investment knowing freedom is our goal and giving our self to the spirit of reality by seeing God Himself moves through us in Love’s Presence, so we learn our connection to the whole by discovering our style and relationship goals. Friendship, intimacy, spiritual communication, and sexual union, are foundational areas of exploration.

Students will outline the lesson as we decide on our adventure for the class that day to meet the needs of our pupils and companions for healing our lives quickly as we dance together with simple loves like walking with nature. Teacher is learner; learner is teacher is our style focus as eye to eye is met through loving relationship in care respect and honor of each other doing it for each other to see our Self in the world around us. We are all equal pieces to a mysterious puzzle that strives for rebirth into awesome each moment like we are a newborn into God’s reality every instant discovering He only wants us to be happy. Working with all spiritual backgrounds including atheism as I Want to Know More as their name for The Holy Spirit, The Universal Inspiration, Friend, Itself, The Answer, God’s Friend, The Finder of Lost Souls, among others, we find our family and community.

Stability in any circumstance gives us the tools to bring freedom to the world as we see our Individuality is a part of the whole that is a family that walks together as solutions to all problems, so freedom and unlimited creativity is our ways and means to light the path to limitless discovery and achievement by the power of our unity through relationship and companionship with the world around us with our faith placed in I said it I did it philosophy, and recognizing the right message for advancement of all people to reveal true happiness stand together as one. Healing is our first purpose and priority, so we can rebuild and sustain forever remembering we are eternal life lost in dreams of sickness and death. Celebration is found in our field or occupation until our business is established. Reducing costs to nothing until money is unnecessary is the highest achievement of our time. We must not rest too long for every living soul needs healing, until we are all healed and back in Heaven and God’s Arms. God created us as Heaven is my understanding, but I would enjoy hearing your words if they are different to the same terms. I have a strong and beautiful relationship with God, you will appreciate…creating a learning environment that leads beyond punishment to happiness as my Creator always wants me to be. What’s your story? Do agree with a punishing god or my God that wants you to be happy?

bent snake

Kung Fu Styles

Meet our styles in the classroom, but here our friends story’s are to be uncovered and their dance discovered. The stick is my friend bent snake.

4 Elements of the 5 6 7 – lightning strikes as life begins in question, where does it go, music the fire or music the friend? what is? who knows? how does this story roll? when the wind blows? the rock feels the mud between her toes, with why is as one Answer to the questions I’m looking for? She is quite mysterious said the great mystery…who knows my brother? Day is daughter night is day starts the question start the day…

Punched Retard – retard strength empowers your being in innocence.

Lesbian Homosexual – reach 100% lesbian sucking the love right out of every human for their ignorance and denial.

Dumb Dog – man’s best friend lends a healing hand the paw said as the tail wagged, so why does he chase His tail magic mirror?

Monkey hoBones – fun and playful in the jungle community alerting and supporting the neighborhood beats your rhythm

Iron Monkey’s Bulletproof Vest – your investment decides your outcome and because your outcome accepts your decision said the bent snake your death is life says live or die

Ape Father KNOWNOS the Hoodrat – leadership is servant to all, and strength is found in innocence not war calls your voice home knows when to go

Mouse Blinds Foolish Snake? – take what is needed until all is free like your dance is 3 ’til 1 time and space declared did you take something said

Squirrel Nuts – appreciation for what is given sees give to receive as the squirrel plants an acorn in thanks as the song is heard in question

Babbling Brook – peaceful flows as streams grow life lives on gentle ears

Maryj Stopped Bye – strong wise medicine man woman sees innocence is truth said it, hello started it, and after healing the party never ended …know your doctor …he did it, did you do it too? what? why? how? where? when? questions heal as maryj shows you your fears …your decision has the ability to see the solution

questions heal as maryj shows you your fears …your decision has the ability to see the solution – robet g brown

Shark Sand Cleans the Ocean – swift and intent knowing life is eternal fire builds a fountain trickle stream to mist the fog of glass

Fly Day Air Pollution – lightning storm protection defense systems lightning speed efficiency is as a thousand lifetimes in 7 days buzzes through your vibration to stop time and bring truth in meaning as you light day with innocence seeing your self in others dances through in kindness like the flies clean the air?

Lonely Tiger – do I have a pride? why am I alone? do I dance?

Lion’s Tiger Lost His House – ancient memories come in faith as the door is open as they walk to pride

Fly Meets Pigeon Old Dove – don’t settle for one book or one teacher sees a song that calls you home until you find the ones unless one is enough but how do you find the one with wings and eyes in sky I mind words are important because we want to talk about everything trusts the truth

Cornered Tiger Thinking Dragon– protecting your family attacks the problem wishing you could do more the solution breaks through and a rest is music

Tiger Thinks He’s a Dragon – building your Heaven by finding your music and treasure bound to the cave the tiger calls lair

Dragon in the Shadows Knows the Tiger – you never know when you are in the presence of angels guides and guardians until you see your world as one

Flowers Step – walls fall as hatred dies…love is the world by which witch I abide with definitions lost as the pencil tossed your self in the trash, so look at me the picture said to the conversation gone, what is beauty when why is unanswered and the no one talks to us anymore, do we die alone or live as one? how and where questions are too, but meaning lost is beauty too questions you and who?

Rabbit Foot Hop – luck is as important as skill thrills the dance jump to run thump to bump guides the rump

Drunken Rabbit Spit – conversation needs better door visions explore

Smoking Monkey Dirt – death retires in the light of love smoke rise dance and play grows the food today

Happy Shark – food doesn’t have to kill waters wave thrown away the children play

Lion’s Pride – i said it i did it moves home to reality knows everything faith leads the adventure

Spider Leg – food clothing and shelter styles finds your band ready to play on the devil’s feet foot bed still weighs glue

Spider’s Web – attracting you prey and companions sees brothers and sisters dance together again to eat the enemy parts the whole gone down see

Eagle Falcon Condor – ways and means to freedom sets the tune to tone the vision of ideas shared

Dirty Water Rocks – problems see the solution life dances free

Wind Wo FU – learning to fly earns its wings uncovering new musics in the mystery of message

Wind Blows on the Fire – last dance or first show??

Playful Crow Disappears Into the Sunset – meet your maker does He sing too? on the way to mystery She wonders with question, what is unity? sickness dies and so does death?

Wise Serpent Lights the Lightning – the serpent returns for one last look to what a game to start again the surprise of life what a means says the way of the life to the backup plan

Minister Punk Cat The Funk – the gaits of hell brings Heaven home; forget the dance when it’s all night long…the witches brew as devils play but remember the demons heard what you said to the warlock novelist invested in death that talks through walls sees the truth…is a real style deception?

Donkey Kung Fu? Then you wake up in your bed.

HOMEWORK – did you throw something away you like about your self?  did your teachers friends and family show you how to do it? why did you accept? do you know what you like and liked about your self? do you know what makes you happy? did you ever let anyone tell you how to be happy or what to be happy about? did you ever let someone anyone including your self, stop you from doing something you thought would be interesting to investigate?  advice – be precautious cautious and tell everyone that you love even if they get mad or hate you for it.

did you ever let someone anyone including your self stop you from doing something you thought would be interesting to investigate?  advise – be precautious cautious and tell everyone that you love even if they get mad or hate you for it.
do you remember what you liked and loved about your self? do you remember what made and makes you happy? who helped you get here and are you satisfied with where you are at? after answering all the questions honestly, and viewing the world from many perspectives gives you a wider view when deciphering interpreting and understanding the world. facing fears releases you from them. truth is changeless, so can you refute anything I said? maybe you need to test a few of my ideas to see if what i said is true? is there anyone you would like to talk to, you feel could help you see if you let the world steal your happy? do you hate your self anyone or anything? do you dislike anything about your self or your world? who taught you to see it this way? are they enemies that need healing even if you trust them or trusted them? how are demons born? who taught you how to see the world?  what and whose stories do you hold onto that keep it in place? how do you set your self free? how do you free the world? when do you start? where are you now? why are you here?

teachers today – drug dealers religious zealots pimps and hookers or was it the kids?

talk to the father, mother may i?

“I said it; I did it,” said the proud man.

That may crush all kung fu. That’s what might said.

Today’s message brought to you in whole by God direct and in part bye every member of His Family, until I know better or more. Double Opt-in is a secure way to the final exam. -whoeverthefucksaid…

I don’t know who said what, but I intend to find out. You said it; you did it, and you walked right up. Then you got down, and picked it all up. What is rolled?

You have been schooled by the master…God’s Granduer with death as my friend

kung fu bent snake

Thank you God!

Dear God,

Where do I start?

God: It looks like you already did.

I am guilty of everything.

God: How do you know?

giving palm

Diaries of a scythe lord…do I spell right?

One more question? one last question? question?

Thank God,

Unlimited and free.


Unconditional Love

Robert G Bown

FoG – Family of God

VoG – Vision

LoG – Light

SoG – Stength

WoG – Will

ToG – Truth

IoG – Innocence

MoG – Mind

BoG – Body




What did you pray for?

It’s weird God like likes this thing.

P.S. If you gave me all the tools I need to figure life out God, there is something wrong here. You can’t do it by your self. I need your help, and everyone else’s help too.


The greatest kung fu warrior said, “you can defeat any opponent without striking a blow.”


Did you see the light?

I asked for something too.


…but I want to share it.

?que lachinga?







Anyone that does not answer your questions is not your friend?

thieves clothes
dark and naked

Available Kung Fu Classes:

$5 5 mile walk run – build chi and discuss the principles of Kung Fu. It begins 5 am available Mondays when 1 or more show up with $5.  Check the website to see if we are not going. Call ahead. CONTACT
Note** – $5 helps pays for the website and the facility.

First Indoor Training Facility

kung fu class

New Kung Fu Healing Center


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