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choke rice

Choke Rice by Robert G Brown Thursday – 11.23.2017 – Happy Thanksgiving Dear In-charge, Choke rice. While you have the money to buy the …

Choke Rice
satan vs. jesus

Satan vs. Jesus by Robert G Brown and the FoG 2/15/2016 Edited – Sunday 11.26.2017 *Quick note – We had to demote Satan to …

Satan vs. Jesus
new dawn

New Dawn by Robert G Brown 2/9/2016 The world is shattered, but the new dawn is here. As you willing to shape your life …

New Dawn
donations sterile organic fertilizer earthworm castings

Hello World by Robert G Brown and contributing members of The Family of God 2/7/2016 “Good morning and hello in love,” says the wiseman …

Hello World
big bang theory

Original Draft -Friday 2/5/2015 (one year ago) Author’s Note* – The big bang theory is a love story about a man and a woman. …

Big Bang Theory
healing homosexuality

Healing Homosexuality by Robert G Brown & Cameron Dodge Original Draft – Tuesday 7/1/2015 Homosexuals are individuals who accepted the fear of a sexual …

Healing Homosexuality