Healing Services That Make You Happy

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World Renowned Healer and Teacher Robert Gordon Brown – hope you are a nut.

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***Public Locations Only for Appointments

IT GETS BAD BEFORE IT GETS WORSE. Healing direction is what peace is thought to be. What is peace to you?

I am here to make sure you are never sick again.

Rejected by authority and society as a miracle worker, with proven results. Who is in-charge of your life?

I will take care of you when you are on drugs, and support you when you are off drugs. That is unconditional love.

A student of Jesus Christ, A Course in Miracles Teacher and Miracle Worker and an expert in internal natural medicine learning with His Mother Planet Earth, Gaia as one of His Guides and companions, Robert G. Brown with healers coming from all over the world opens His arms to help you on your way back to Heaven.

I will take care of you when you are on drugs, and support you when you are off drugs. That is unconditional love.

- Robert G Brown

Kung Fu teacher and Spirit Dancer, Robert shares his experience with us all. Walking you beyond illusion and its insanity to the real world. A place where sickness and death have never been. Do you want a qualified professional that carries a piece of paper that says educated professional with credentials to be a bad healer that can pacify you before you return to the graveyard? Or do you want reality? A life teacher that walks at the bottom of hell to find God’s children and bring them home gently, while they learn to heal the Self.

Should the world’s proper etiquette of you need a degree to practice as a doctor keep you from eternal life? The authorities govern modern medicine. The Spirit of God Guides His students by way of relationship to all living things.

Members of the science and spiritual communities say gladly, Robert is as qualified as any student teachers that have a degree. Ask around. Ask the healers you trust the most. If you are unsure or have doubts about the healing services provided at truthliesdecision.com, ask your physician like you consult your doctors about a vitamin or other alternative medicines to review this site as an alternative medicine.

Open minded free thinkers see real potential backed by the ability to solve problems with delicate care, here at truthliesdecision.com. You see it.

Alternative Medicine Marijuana

When thinking about taking marijuana as a medicine get all sides of the story, so you can make an informed decision. See how the stories are presented, and see whose messages free your mind or limit your mind’s ability to make a simple decision.

Sex Therapy

…Sex therapy is now available. How juicy is it when I said that, unless you have a boner? Silly, right? Horniness is a cooping mechanism for rape. Find out more.

Wake up. The world has been raped. Pornography and prostitution has destroyed the human spirit, even for those that ignore and deny the problem as someone else’s job, while the children and the victims suffer as human development is severely retarded.

Your worst nightmare with you, your only hope? Face your fears to overcome the mirror. Happiness is right behind the image. Will you smash the mirror, or are you scared of bad luck?

My objective is to be as happy as possible with you. If you are willing to work with the same intention, there is no limit in how happy we can become.

It’s a beautiful life here, but without you, it is just not heaven.

God is like all the happy people on their happiest day.

It’s instant healing when you call. 856 669 8229 Best for student intern learners and serious cases. Open minded willingness is a must.

Healing Services That Make You Happy

Sent by God to save the world one last time. Are you here to save the world too? How do you handle your daughters? Gently?

Calm peace envelops your core as you remember the essence of who you are. Pulling information for and from all over the star system, love’s projection lights a fire the whole universe knows. Truth is practiced as forgiveness heals. You are my blessing as we heal together.

Jesus healed us all through the power of forgiveness by the Light of Truth. Don’t get stuck in a closet while your loved Ones go back to the dirt. I can heal the world by the love of God and the Power of Jesus Christ, but I choose the Light, so look me in the eyes as our minds heal together.

Call immediately after reviewing our services for your appointment, right? Instant healing saves time, when all physical ailments are tricks of the mind. Modern medicine is a scam that prolongs your trip to the graveyard. Don’t let the thoughts of others stand in the way of eternal life. You are stronger than that.

There are 2 hospitals here and 1 is in Heaven and we try to keep you there as much as possible until you are always in Heaven.

Experts in cleaning worldwide messes instantaneously if not quicker.

***RAPE ,DRUG, & SUICIDE COUNSELING please call 856 669 8229***

healing services

***RAPE ,DRUG, & SUICIDE COUNSELING please call 856 669 8229***

Common Illnesses & Ailments

Faggots – Anyone that hurts people, even their self. Healing faggots starts with hello.

Meat Slab – A body that has rejected The Holy Spirit completely. Many meat slabs are running on a 1/4 cell or less. Come check my slab, and see if you can see the difference.

Infatuates – Do you have any friends?

In-Charge – Thinking your life is more valuable then someone else’s.

Dirty Homosexuals – Not knowing who you are makes you believe you are someone that you are not. When you figure out you are all dirty homosexuals you will feel much better.

Extra Special Scumbags or Any Variety of Scumbag – Helps people think straight. Expanding community awareness helps us to discover the root cause of our ailments. We need to know who everybody is in order to never be sick again.

Dirty Fucking Scumbag – even when being abused, you do what’s right, but you may find it hard to fit in.

Denial – ignoring the truth until your way is the only way. Disconnected from reality you blame. When we are doing the right thing it doesn’t matter how bad it feels or what anything anyone else thinks, because we see it as good for everyone, regardless if they don’t.

Porno Slutbags – It’s not about the money everyone loves you.

Wanna be Actors and Actresses – Not realizing your everything to God.

White Rainbows – Racial tension and prejudice leads to thinking your better than someone else. Where did the coloreds go?

Wilted Flowers and Broken Wheels – Broken hearts are mended when freedom sees beyond the bubble. (babylon system is a vampire. -Bob Marley) aka business as usual – antidote: look beyond!

Arrogance – thinking you or anyone else is less than Heaven. bugs included

Old Bags – Routine lifestyle keeps our dream of death present for many years, until you are old and dead. What is eternal life?

Womperwooms – Pretending its not happening so you don’t have to do anything different. Sometimes you just have to say fuck it, God is more important!

Potty Mouth – You can’t be that retarded. It’s like when the guy on Fox News uses 10 big words and has no message whatsoever. Colorful language is more effective in dealing with difficult situations or you just want to feel at home.

Loneliness – Deals with abandonment and rejection issues. I struggle with this myself, and could use help understanding why this happens. Alone is when you think no one knows you exist or you don’t want to exist. Depression is when you think no knows who you are. God loves us, and we are all connected in Christ…God’s protection mind interpreted and directed by the Holy Spirit and God’s innocent son.

Disgusting – better known as closets. Hiding your self or hiding from your self, when you know you are everything, and God loves you. Pervert.

Guiltiness – Afraid of God. God is Love. Can you really be afraid? How will God judge you innocent today? What is self-responsibility?

Meaniecils – Imbecile that’s mean and ignorant. Why are you mad at your self?

Bucket Fillers – You know what you are doing.

1 to 6 Brain Cells – Hopefully you don’t have any or you are hoping for more.

Death – I just wanna play baseball, because I retired and don’t want anybody to get hurt. I love you always.

Total Retardation – Self-inflicted retardation…all you ever have to say is I am a retard, until you get here.

Ultra Terrets – I wish I didn’t say that. This a funny but very serious disorder affecting the world.

Ultra Terrets Magnified – Got too much semen in your mouth too young and hide that part of your life.

Dirt Bags – Taking something without asking.

I have dealt with all theses illnesses and ailments, so I know how to handle it, and give you the treatment you need and deserve.

KUNG FU CLASS – https://truthliesdecision.com/kung-fu-class

Pyschotherapy Sessions

Overcome fear. Learn how to face your fears and release them, to free your self from your past. Discover your innocence. …Be happy.

***Allow 1 hour for first visit.

$250 Psychotherapy 30 minute session

$500 Initial Investigation and Psychotherapy 60 minute client profile question and answer record and psychotherapy session

Sliding scales accepted said the haggler.

Schedule Appointment: 856 669 8229
*No money is required. Your health is that important.

Healing Music Spirit Cleanse

Relax and cleanse your spirit listening to healing music that walks with life to free your mind and aid in balancing your lifestyle by releasing you from your past as you see in wonder how simple it is to correct past mistakes while the music continues, we look at our fear blocks to remove fears, bringing calm confidence and clarity to gently restore peace.

$500 60 minute session

Schedule Appointment: 856 669 8229

Our Facility

Lay or sit and relax. (Public Locations Only Right Now for Appointments)
truthliesdecision.com healing center

truthliesdecision.com healing services headquarters
healing services that make you happy

healing services that make you happy

healing services that make you happy

healing services that make you happy

healing services that make you happy

healing services that make you happy

healing services that make you happy

healing services that make you happy

healing services that make you happy
It is a comfortable location for learning and healing.

Healing Services that make you happy. 856 669 8229

***RAPE ,DRUG, & SUICIDE COUNSELING please call 856 669 8229***

Don’t forget sex therapy.
healing services that make you happy