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discipline lachinga a little blue mr brown school teacher robert g brown

Discipline Calling students. Discipline is a sense of your Self. Who are you at peace? Who are you at war, until you heal? Who …

bob marley knows

Updated to …digi .doc 11.12.2018 My Brother Bob Marley had a dream of us having the same mindset together as One. He believed that …

Bob Marley Knows
say the word

Say the Word by Robert G Brown and the Grey Aliens unless I am crazy or something, and thanks to the whole Family of …

Say the Word
real terror

Real Terror by Robert G Brown aka FoG 1/30/2016 The real terror in life is being alone. Thought energy is a powerful force that …

Real Terror
mind control

Mind Control Part 1 by Robert G Brown 1/28/2016 The revelation has fallen upon us and mind control devices are the devil’s attack against …

Mind Control
trickle effect

Original Draft – Thursday 7/2/15 *Dedicated to Albert Einstein’s 15 minute a day Master Anything Program When I first arrived at Pasco County Jail, …

Trickle Effect
faith and love

Faith and Love by Robert G Brown Original Draft -Friday 7/31/2015 *Inspired by Jim Carey’s graduation speech. Why do we ask for freedom, only …

Faith and Love
honest hustler

The Honest Hustler by Robert G Brown Tuesday 7/22/2015 The word hustler usually instills fear immediately, because most think “drug dealer” when they hear …

Honest Hustler
blog comments

Blog comments are the way for readers to get into the conversation. The conversation is the important part of the blog article…not the article …

Blog Comments