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Robert G Brown

Minister of God for Spiritual Health and Celebration Dominion Protection Security Planetary Caregiver Organizer Facilitator Holy Man and Healer Kung Fu Dancer Protector of Life Business Professional Miracle Worker and founder of: World Family Community - food clothing shelter and medicine in abundance with no authority for limitless expansion. I am a teacher that enjoys learning. World problem solver and communications expert studying psychotherapy under Jesus Christ.

rumors spreading

Spreading rumors? How about talking behind someone’s back? It wouldn’t be bad if you were missing them and saying something nice. When we say …

Rumors Spreading

E003 BCAD DEAD. GOOD EVIL LIVE. LOVE. E003 1001 300E See Forgiveness? Love GOD. He is dogs now? History stands the test of time. …

military movies

Movie producers from all over the world will be giving free workshops to help our surrendered military bring their ideas to film. The government …

Military Movies