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crap shoot pie hole

Lily’s are in denim this year.

Delran River Walk

“Don’t believe the hype. 911 was a joke a long time ago,” said Chuck D and Flava Flav from Public Enemy No. 1? Get a job as the farmer, if you want to make real money penis temple fanular night club nightmare ends in rape orgy and a lost $40,000. Do see what I mean?

Real people live on this planet, and so you and I. God’s world crumbles in time and the physical half-life is poisoned with the term half-life and eternity slips away into the graveyard’s crumbled planet, because care shits in the river and moves trash around, as we know-it-alls that’s the way it is, instead of the hope to finally become educated to stand the test of time, by knowing you don’t shit in the river, when we realize we do.

SIMPL E? E=Eternal? is our new programming language – history, security, protection, eternity

crack,meth,herione,cocaine kill so they = history

best growing techniques, life stories, personal profile, every person a CHANNEL = security

health plan (food,clothing,shelter,and medicine free and abundant) no waste, no shit in the river, recycling = protection

E? I never have to like anybody because of what I did to myself? I invited every person to my person.

Crap Shoot Pie Hole

2 Responses to Crap Shoot Pie Hole

  • Robert G Brown

    Everybody has to smoke a pound a day now because of what happen at curaleaf in bellmarw nj.

  • Robert G Brown

    I will take all the weed.

    I love you Brandon. Thank you holy spirit.

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