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This solution works throughout devices, networks, aand global borders in China, Europe,
thhe Middle East, and Africa. A lot of the Z collection just offered in China,
while pair of the version did launch in the global market including
Z5 and Z6 collection. The initial design that was
branded under Z collection waas the Z2 collection which is a rebranded ZUK Z2.
The present line of Lenovo Z series smartphone are considered as
a spiritual success of their previous ZUK series,
aas they remain to work on ZUI which is a Android skin developed by ZUK.
Shrinking batteries as well ass other digital parts enouh to fit them in a tiny bezel iss they keey challenge
stopping ZUK as well as ther business from bringing such phones
to market. In May 2015, Lenovo started selling customized Motto X phones in China using its Moto Maker online platform.
After six months on the market, the Moto G was Motorola’s very successful smart device ever, as well as was the top marketing phone inn Mexico and Brazil.

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