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Friends don’t do anything. They are happy together. …But friends can do things together. To become friends in this world takes work and effort. …

healer or killer

That person smokes cocaine, so I am better then them is pompous asshole. I am one reason people smoke cocaine is how you become …

Healer or Killer
bob marley knows

Updated to …digi .doc 11.12.2018 My Brother Bob Marley had a dream of us having the same mindset together as One. He believed that …

Bob Marley Knows

Vulnerable a word that does not come with ease, Well at least in world programmed to tease, A heart left open, faith does it …

test of time

Original Draft 7/17/2015 Only the moment stands the test of time, Leave all your fear of the past behind, Move forward with confidence…one step …

The Test of Time
family first discovery

Original Drafts 11/3/2015 and 11/5/2015 Updated 11.10.2018 *Author’s Note: Family First Discovery states…if we treat everyone better than we treat our self and when …

Family First Discovery
blog comments

Blog comments are the way for readers to get into the conversation. The conversation is the important part of the blog article…not the article …

Blog Comments

Dear You by Robert G Brown Original Draft 6/16/2015 Dear You, How are you today? Take a look around, this is Our Mind. God …

Dear You

Original Draft – Saturday 6/20/15 – Pasco County Jail Edited Tuesday 08.06.2019 Inspired by the Supermen and Superwomen of the US Armed Forces, and …

army vs. The MARINES