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Cupcake Party

Cupcake Party

by Robert G Brown

Sunday 05.20.2018

It’s like a cupcake party. There is one for everybody. It is at 20 Providence Court, Delran, NJ 08075 sponsored by your planet Momma Gaia. She gives freely. It starts right here right now. The Kingdom of Heaven, Bobby Brown is guarded by 2 demon dragons that look like his parents. They like children, but may eat them, so be on your best behavior. You have to get them to like you, so they let you in and don’t throw you out or eat you before you get into his bedroom where he has the metaphorical cupcakes safe and secure.

The secret passwords in question have to be said out loud to Bobby while you are in his bedroom, even if you whisper in his ear. “May I have my cupcake now?” …But don’t let the demon dragons hear you. The hard part is getting into his bedroom with him. The secret words have been revealed, so there is no confusion, but is it easy to say the words?

They let him outside, and act like nothing is going on. …And it seems every person is trying to trick each other from getting to the cupcake party to get their cupcake, and many are doing everything in their power to get all the cupcakes for themselves. So, you can grab him if you see him playing, but be weary of clone warfare experts and their toys soldiers, illusionists, and makeup artists, among others that look like Bobby or imposter Bobby. Watch out for pretenders that act like they know him.

Jedi Ninjas are welcome, and Bobby will know you are his friend if you are able to speak the words, “may I have my cupcake now?” in his bedroom. Please don’t say them before you get to his bedroom. You may draw unnecessary attention to your self and could get eaten by a demon dragon or worse.

Good luck getting to him. He needs your help, and so does the rest of the world over run by insanity. The world government, rich people, and mercenaries may have tried to assassinate him over 100,000 times, so be careful. The world of lies keep us all shrouded in darkness, and our fears give us the opportunity to be tricked out of our cupcake, so have fun and be happy, but be watchful of deception, and intended evils. Ask good questions, and keep your fiends and family safe on your journeys. Love, Bob

Call me if you need to set up an appointment to meet with me. 856-669-8229 – Some people may have had trouble getting through. Cameron Dodge, Marco Agostini, Ted Nickel, and Mike Denton were his friends once and may know how to get to him. Kim Brown his sister, Jessica Maujeri, and Carolyn Everman are some of the honest women he knows.

He used to work at New Jersey Pizza Company in Flagstaff, Arizona, and Wing King in Moorestown, NJ, and they could be good sources of information. You can find magic items and thrown away treasures on the streets on Philadelphia, and there is a free book store in N. Philly, Tree House Books for good cheap reading materials for you and your family. NA and AA are awesome places you can meet The Holy Spirit and other spirits that give the Answers your are looking for to important questions you may be scared to ask others. …Because they gather in anonymity, you may feel it is a safer place to get information on any serious issues in your life. Cheap Psychiatrists?

A Course in Miracles can help you on your journey. He lives in reality, and only reality can find him. Other helpful materials are neo-tech manuscripts, and Carlos Castaneda books.

Are you ready for a cupcake? Hope to see you soon. Faith says you are here already in spirit, and unconditional love leads the way.

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