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freedom wasted

Freedom Wasted

by Robert G Brown

Friday 8/19/2016

I always smoked Marijuana outside my house to respect my family’s house. For a short time I smoked crack inside my family’s house because I was respectful of the situation I was in, and that is unfortunate, because I LOVE my family’s house. It is ashame that I had to rely on the strength of Cocaine to get me through it, because I did not get the care and support I needed from my family and community, and so many young people struggle with this same situation. There is no reason for any individual to be driven to this same madness.

I strive ceaselessly for us all to be as One – One People, One Nation, One Planet. It is unbelievable how I got here, and this is the situation that we are in. We have been recognized around the Universe, as one of the weirdest, funniest, and most spirited of any other race. Human kind as we know it is ready for a big change, and at least 50 billion people are watching to see if we can unite.

We are the talk of the town and we got the potential to realize our planet, Gaia is a spaceship, and we get to launch her into space for the whole universe to see. Are you down? Because I wouldn’t miss it for the world, and the whole Universe is watching. I can’t believe we would waste an instant in giving them a warm welcome, so we can work this out together, but they communicate telepathicly. If you listen real close you might even hear them. It is really that simple. God is Amazing…He is really that Awesome.

You got class, you got style, and laughs by the mile, so that’s when we say give us a smile. When you look up to the stars know someone is watching with the Hope Faith and Love of God, that time you don’t waste it. So don’t throw my whole life away, because you are not willing to unite on a global scale. You know Jesus and Satan are both coming, so acceptance is the key to the plan. Can you handle it?

How can anyone allow this shit to happen to anybody, that you would ever try to throw someone away. You have broken my heart, because every living thing on this planet has a purpose. House flys were originally intended to keep dust away, and now you just swat them away. More to come, I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you. Now is a time you can’t waste. Everything has its purpose have you found its reason. Come on think about it. So I will give more time to think, but the celebration is now, and you won’t even buy me a drink.

Freedom Wasted

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