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Schizophrenia– any voice you don’t consider to be your own or accepted as okay as your own, for life’s and love’s extension is schizophrenic, even if comes from the mouth of another body or it is a voice in your head or some voice you think is coming from someone or somewhere else that isn’t out of mouth, even written language or body language. That’s what Dr. Frank Wallace taught me from the Neo-tech Publishing Company. Can insanity be held or help against you? I am here healing.

Surrender your will to God, your loving creator, and let your happy dream begin. Your will is God’s will. He gave it you. That is what I am learning from A Course in Miracles.

Victims may punish themselves, because they may think it gives them the right to punish others.

How Do You Give ’em Hell? Bring ’em Heaven

I have been trying to get everyone here so I can figure out how to help better. Victims may punish themselves, because they may think it gives them the right to punish others. Can anyone come by and lend a hand?

Do we need to trick ourselves in thinking freedom is real because the devil already tricked into thinking it is not real?

I think God said I was His champion, because I asked you for help. I am human too. If you wanted to be here and couldn’t be or told your self something different, that same trickster thinks if you came by human too, it would be okay. I am not real until you are here.

I hate faggot walls. I call them that, because they are not repaired by my standards – spiritual communication lines. Faggot walls is acting like faggot walls is being mistreated. Coward faggots drop bombs on nations. That is mistreatment. Let’s talk over here.

I protect life. That’s the friend brother son father here. …And nobody will come help me?

I look at it as a 911 emergency for 4 years and every grandmom fell down the steps. That is how important life is. In an emergency this is not asking someone to come over and this not telling someone what to do. Who are you? Please come over now is all I said according to God Almighty. Ask Him. What do you think I did?

God said the kids are in-charge. I love you Brandon. I love you kids. God thinks I can handle the baddest motherfucker here now. I just realized that. Is that a thank you God?

If you are not okay with something, say that. Don’t try to change someone.

Is someone stopping someone from being here? You are God’s kids, right? I am God’s kid.

Thanks for stopping by.

The first world I found that was more like reality than the world I was always at odds with was found in the Carlos Castaneda books.

Recycle your energy and live forever young

Carlos Castaneda’s Magical Passes
don juan matus carlos castaneda's magical passes
Carlos Castaneda’s Magical Passes

My falcon my condor my eagle – Shamans Scientists and Christ

Everyone is a teacher. This celebrates us all. Thank you God.

God’s Flag: Surrender Your Will to God

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