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Homeless and Poor Amenities

Buy ice trays. Sell ice trays too. Buy and sell ice trays? Share neighborhood tips and tricks. Share neighborhood tips and tricks?  Tell the tales of the good deals, free meals, shelters, and free food banks to raise community awareness. Tell the tales of the good deals, free meals, shelters, and free food banks to raise community awareness?

Good morning. What else?

Neighborhood watch. Be a lookout. Use those eagle eyes.

You can show anyone they way you like to do something, so they can do it the way they like, if they want to do that.

Real is harmless, so it doesn’t hurt. AMEN

Quick Facts

It is not illegal to possess drugs or firearms. It is behavior that can be harmful. At as long as we are dying, it is legal to hurt your self. You shouldn’t be walking around with a case of ebola virus. I don’t think you are doing the right thing. All you have to say, when you see somebody doing wrong by your understanding? I think you are doing the wrong thing.

It is not illegal to possess anything. If everyone could get the guitar they want, it wouldn’t be a problem.

If nobody bought drugs, a drug dealer could stand on a street corner forever and sell nothing.

Our system is built on…who is the most deceptive bully. Beware of Mr. Nice Guy.

I didn’t know what was important, priority, or purpose. Now I do.

I pulled a fast one.

facebook chat with scam sham?
Jane Joe

You’re friends on Facebook
Works at Aspiring model
Studied at Los Angeles City College
4/26/19, 2:25 PM

j Hello

5/14/19, 5:09 PM
Jane is waving at you!
JAN 2, 2020, 5:12 AM

Jane is waving at you!

b Hi.

FRI 2:00 PM

j Hello

j Good day Robert

b hi hello

5:14 PM

j How’re you doing today?

b good

j Where you from ?

b new jersey

b you?

j I’m from Los Angeles

j How’s it there ?

b red hot

b smoking hot redness

j Ohhh and it’s same here too

j Aren’t you at work ?

b yeah. it pays negative money so far.

b see ya.

j I don’t get you dear

b good. try chapped fish

j Chapped fish ?

b who are you? are you the fbi?

j Why’d you ask ? Lmao and that’s funny

b I got chapped areas of metaphor want for the drug drop of money bags

*author’s not – i was thinking waiting instead of the typographical error “want.”

j Ohhh

j So what’d you want me to do ? And why do you think I am fbi?

b I am owed 59 billion dollars plus

j I’m just here as your friend. And what do you want me to do for you ?

j Billion dollars?

b I am get down with the jiggy mama

j Okay

j How can I help ?

b it makes you want to grab your crotch area

b help?

j Yeah

b what do you do?

j Maybe I misunderstood all what you’ve been saying

j I’m intern worker in a textile company and I’m aspiring model

b cool.

j Thanks and you ?

b you wanna masturbate on camera with each other and see if we get along

THE END (jane joe is no longer on messenger.)

Check out the video:

It is harmless to check it out by getting more information.


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Basic necessities are food clothing shelter and medicine until perfect health for all 5th dimension. How would I entertain me? Thank you holy spirit. If you are going to mess with me come talk to me like any harmless human or talk to God. $100 words value

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Homeless and Poor Amenities

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