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I have had the experience so it is irrefutable.

I finally got to help people, even if I found out that to help another you simply help your self and live by example.

Making a few wrong dollars on the side is rape on humankind. What is a few wrong dollars?

The fun we could of had if we included my way.

Using badges to posture coward faggot power like cops is the same for all that use the technique, and can be as simple as neighbors grouping up.

It is illegal to touch anyone’s person without consent and ignoring banish is right compared to captivity. Captivity is illegal so it is in no one’s best judgment to imprison anything.

Check the videos:

…Because you can make that noise like you are doing something, you are important to your self?

…Because you can make that noise like you are doing something, you are important to your self?

I have a good time. I don’t need you for my good time. Sharing explained.

I love you Brandon.

Get the fuck out of my house is the most beautiful treasure you have ever received and how do you treat it?

Since you forced him to pay attention, he now needs attention and eternal unimaginable pain and torture in hell is what he can give you for your treachery. Your innocent son is your serial warden of eternal hell and your pain threshold has been reduced to non-existent. Real enough?

If I don’t immediately projectile vomit at you when I see your face I want my face hole to scream vomit at your face.

F@ggot wall kisses are such putrid vomit of f@ggot hole that I never want to be around another human again. It is the rapists war plan that I accept wholly for my self so they can get their supreme rape platter with side dishes and I never have to know you again.

Tell me in person. What is a good relationship? family community professional friends personal
Rapist hole attack through the f@ggot walls from f@ggot holes name address and phone #
Our civilization has been f@ggot holed and stroodled and the only comprehension left of the people is the command keep raping in until it breaks.
Take your f@ggot hole somewhere else. Get off my tip. Take f@ggot sexy voice with you cutes duh f@ggot hole and the other f@ggot holes no matter your names compared the ones I give you.

Let another free-thinker die in vain because you wouldn’t back him up right again?

This meat product and friendship is off the market forever. Thanks for your help that fueled my decision.

I cannot handle my sex life, so I don’t do sex. That’s how I appreciate my life experience and my irresponsible behavior.

It will go down right some day, and your friends will be your friends, and your family will be your family.

If someone gives you something from their garden, and you know the person and their garden, you know what you have received. I know what is in my garden. How does your garden grow?

I asked to God to keep me away from Him and every human and believe He will and He will prepare it happily to be a happy place just for me. I don’t want peace all to myself. I want my own peaceful place.

If you want someone else to be bad you know how to do that if nothing else.

I would love to hear your story in the next 20 seconds so I can see how badly I have punished my self forever. Save it for the rest of the family of living things if you cannot be here that fast.

The fun we could of had if we included my way. You keep torturing me and think I should act like you want me to act. Go tell somebody else how to act so they can be around you. Off market; off sizzle.

I am working on a protection system that quarantines every living thing forever and can removed from inclusion at a moments notice as the quarantine is always developing with your person for every and any person’s protection and from any other living.

This is what happens when you mess with anybody that does simple shit to make their self happy. Be happy or see your lunatic try to rape its way into the wrong person’s house.

I have had the experience so it is irrefutable.

Whether it be God or someone you care about or just someone you like to be around, we could all use a friend to talk to. It is the ones you can talk to about anything that last forever.


How to Stop Any Rapist

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