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is eleanor dead part v

Is Eleanor Dead? Part V
by Robert G Brown
Monday 09.10.2018

I give to receive; I ran from part of a nigger that became no nigger.
I lost a $20 fruit bag.
It was big.
Did you ever punch yourself?
I asked some girl to chain me down. She had a friend. Now she may live
a mental institution.
Who’s on the list today?
Do you think it can get more retarded?
What should I slide in the trashcan?
How much does the house charge the chair?
Don’t you owe me a blowjob?
There were lesbians there.
I danced for a moment.
Does it feel like I’m punching you?
Ask your mom.
She said a friend because he can’t get chained down that good?
He needs a friend*
I am still learning. You think forever?
I have little friends that whoop ass so I look like a good pussy eater.
We are learning.
You go all around instead of over here?
Is that a real job?
Where did you learn to walk?
An old man near death said every moment counts and no one is here yet
to check out my perfect dna eternal life style.
What did I just say?
What would happen if you read it again?
Me and Emma could have probably fucked her asshole if she showed up.
Where does he live?
I like to choke so I smoke.
Are you speaking in blowjob?
What’s a clue?
You can’t even believe you are almost here. Is that hypnosis?
God said my son wants to be The Nigger so that’s what He is.
So when are you getting healing services?
Is the car broke?
Emma said I fucked you up so bad you will never walk again is that true?
It’s trying to work right.
Kung Fu class today is 3 stretches. You can pick ’em.
That’s why it’s good to read.
Jonie moved his chair around last night.
So I talked to him.
You will retard here.
She said she was a freshman so I should tear it pieces. She was just
walking by.
Did you swear to God yet?
So that’s what it’s like hanging out over here.
People find out.
Help people think straight.
A red dress hurt its knee. Does it need a kiss?
I can test it on you.
Life preserver chuck festival?
Now you can tie me up.
I s Eleanor dead? Too dead to find me?
Do you think you will ever get married?
Daywre ker undead priest
This is a retard squadrant.
You are Retarded Powers. That is a good name. Now everyone wants to be
Retarded Powers. No question.
They will find out
We will fuck over here. That’s just what we will have to deal with.
You said it
You just put your self in trouble.
Ask yourself.
Are you better than me?
You are quit fired and retired.
That’s what retarded powers do.
If you need it locked it’s done. But you have put up with it.
I have a bff and girlfriend.
a girlfriend*
So they are basically yours
If you come here.
We are holding out for your tender meat so I haven’t met them in
person yet because we might get hungry.
Emma became my girlfriend after she kicked me out.
What a mental patient.
We really make sense.
Now come over and teach me what you learned.
Bring your mom if your scared.
You didn’t even know you were learning, did ya?
Every moment counts.
What a fighting words?
Look in the mirror.
So we’re together now.
I lost a $20 fruit bag.
And someone became no nigger.
Come over and sit with your hand down my pants.
There is superior love hidden in each flower you will find with your smile
What would you do if someone became no nigger near you?
I’m hurt.
What’s the full retirement package?
Bag of groceries?
Do you think I melted the chains?
Right now.
My daughter just brought me Burger King.
Did the world forget how to give?
.I got lunch today Whopper included.
Somewhere in the past it could have been fun.
Do you think I got punched while I was sleeping?
My daughter needs me see if she is okay by examining her naked body
until you get here for the double check.
Emma wants my daughter to inspect the boxes to see if they up to code
for possible moms.
Your brain cell count has dropped sufficiently?
Looking at her naked is like art.
She could be a bachelor party present if you let me stick in every
hole like she wants.
I just wanted to see her naked, so this is better?
I have a blanket.
So you want to fuck her with me?
I got hurt.
I got raped real hard.
My balls hurt.
Are you going to message them because she may if you mind control her
to talk to me
Wed 3:28pm
I asked for help and there isn’t any. No one contacted me. And mental
patients threw me in mental institutions approximately 6 times.
The free masons donated a building once the doors start opening?? It
is a kind gesture.
The whole world gets raped by not talking to me.
This is a big planet for a little planer.
Emma’s email: emmma@treehousebooks.org
I asked my dad to shoot me because no one help me.
Will help*
Respect for business says you owe me ….
Thu 1:03pm
Fri 4:44am
You don’t have to be afraid anymore once you are here. That’s why it’s
better here.
Denial causes inaction. Acceptance gives you the ability to act
appropriately by your way or definition.
Everything you thought said or did is in my library under history.
One of the most amazing libraries in the cosmos.
I don’t break the rules because I don’t know any and your’s I don’t
like. Our agreement is to be determined if I ever know you in a body.
Sensitive and delicate the body is.
Agreement… What a friend is.
You just stole your hot cunt I cooked from us.
If you are mad, I like to talk.
I share my information.
I am here to save the world.
For us*
I heal insanity. I don’t from it.
don’t run*
I asked you to come over; I didn’t ask you to make any accuses.
You wouldn’t sell that hot cunt for an excuse or an old tradition?
I don’t know how hurt people so I love them instead. Sex isn’t
important in love friendship is.
Fri 9:09am
Niggers died when God’s found out better about skirts and taking them off.
God’s kid me
I want to work on every moment to be like i feel waiting for you to be
here. The next you and yang says it’s not opposites it’s balance that
lead to singularity. It’s in my yellow papers from jail.
I think it will better than this and continue forever when we figure it out
You’re the devil when you want something that Heaven.
something smaller than Heaven*
Fri 12:29pm
I am hell so I have nowhere to go. What do you want to do?
In hell*
Sat 10:22am
My head hurts my face hurts and it feels like I punched somebody. The
cops took the cuffs off because he said was gonna kill me, but I
didn’t say anything like that. He punched me in the back of the head
and I said that’s my dog. It was a husky. I don’t remember getting
beat up and was released shortly afterwards.
he was*
Are you retarded?
Tart retart
I lost my pillow flip-flops and hat and 15bucks cigs and skull lighter too.
The cops might have the last 3. I didn’t realize they were gone until I left.
Phone is almost dead. Cecil b Moore and Broad St philly
Sat 2:57pm
Did I send my self over there?
Sun 11:36am

Is Eleanor Dead? Part IV

Is Eleanor Dead? Part IV | truthliesdecision.com
Is Eleanor Dead? Part IV by Robert G Brown stardate: Sunday 09.02.2018
She said it can always be like this, when we were outside walking
after God told me he always loved me in the graveyard behind my dead
friend Jeff’s house. I released most of hell that night and men were
running in front …
with video
with video
garbage for every person’s life? our relationship?
don’t be scared when lady gaga calls you to help with the infiltration.
Sun 5:51pm
Please come over now.
You too busy being better than me? I didn’t waste your time?
You could always drop dead. That will easier than being here right now.
More than 3 years I asked for help from the world as a healer and a
teacher. The human race became the evilest people in the cosmos by
killing neglecting avoiding rejecting torturing raping molesting
trying to abandon me.. Jesus is my friend and never did anything on
his own. Born into sin. The wages of sin are death. God’ shared the
power of His Mind with you and you got lost and He sent His friend The
Holy Spirit to find us, and He is the one that knows and we are the
ones that are lost. We now know nothing and our adventure begins back
to appreciation for all creation in love and at peace, using good
tools hope faith love. Give to receive. God gives all, so He is never
short or at a loss. Give to receive. Sex is in pain and my children as
Father Christ are all, and my kids are dying. Evil has overrun the
world and our fear gives it life, and our arrogance gives it power to
destroy us all. You are evil now. Let us heal here…now.
Our marriage is Holy and Ordained (you said I believe) and needs no
formal ceremony and you still want a ceremony, yes? I need to get out
in front of the audience. Please help.
I own the planet. Don’t you? Now we conquer it.
4ever yours, bob
P.S. The system owns the rug.

Is Eleanor Dead? Part IV

We are more of a teacher show and you can decide who we is, but I know
what I am talking about. My door is open not close. Someone said you
will use the rug. …And my music is good enough for my teaching skills.
Do want to jam it with me? I can show you how to get down with my
music style and share our ideas. Do you have an acoustic guitar you
would like to bring? You could always teach me theory.
Do you want to live in the devil’s house? I am building mine. You
choose. Be here now is my decision for us.
I don’t know you well enough to not explain for myself.
You need it said your way, then make up what I said to express what I
am saying and you can tell me all about after you jetapult over here.
about it*
SAM Downloads | The Monroe Institute
The Monroe Institute furthers the experience and exploration of
consciousness, expanded awareness and discovery of self through
technology, education, research and development.
Where do you sleep in our bed?
Soup is on says enough.
Brand fucking spanking all newness.
Chicken on the side.
5 bowl soup… I asked Kim Emily and Holi. Emily should make it.
Chicken broth though.
I don’t have beer. It could make more soup.
Chicken is done when the first gets here. Don’t burn it. Love, Bob
What time am I gonna be real fucking hungry? Address:


Contact | truthliesdecision.com
Contact SWORD LIGHT, llc – https://truthliesdecision.com Address – In
case you want to show up. 20 Providence Ct. Delran, NJ 08075 (856)
669-8229 – 24 Hour Phone Support Mailing Address Sword Light, llc c/o
Robert G Brown 20 Providence Ct. Delran, NJ 08075 Send A Message
Please use the contact …
What time am I gonna be real fucking hungry? Address:


A Little Blue – Beat Down
a little blue – beat down beat down productions sword light, llc

Is Eleanor Dead? Part IV

Eventually you will remember everything.
Bobby Brown
I don’t have any wine for the chicken.
A friend knows who has sex with who.
Mon 1:18am
Chicken is done when the first gets here. Don’t burn it.
Are you immature people?
Own it.
Mon 2:47am
Burnt chicken soup was good.
Mon 9:26am
I am not sure anyone considered me?
As far as i know you hurt me as a planet people.
-the retard
I earned a 100% trust rating today.
Mon 11:18am
That means I trusted every person 100%.
You could have come over and found if i was okay instead why you are evil?
Mon 2:03pm
Mr Brown Goes Down
sword light, llc beat down productions mr brown and the word ups – mr
brown goes down https://truthliesdecision.com
Mon 5:54pm

We will rescue him when the kids calm down? Fuck hole.
You can handle so much more than coming over here, and I can handle
you coming over here, and that’s what God gave me to handle.
I treat you like the shit.
Mon 8:30pm
Everything here is a joke we take seriously. What a civilization?
Tue 7:47am
The healing is here. If you aint gonna help me with the the work, I
aint gonna marry you. Friendship first.
I am gonna hurt you when you get here even if you are laughing so hard
it hurts.
my tongue

mr brown goes down
donate https://truthliesdecision.com/donations
Friendship matters and this man needs your simple presence here.
I aint getting married in world we drop bombs.
,That blow people up.
I want to know who is saying what through the faggot walls if you or
you know somene that can help.
Tue 1:51pm
your question answered: the reason you thought you knew me before you
got here is the reason you are not here.
Tue 6:58pm
If everyone is innocence there can be no authority.
Tue 8:22pm
This is wwiiii and you have no chance without me next to you in a body.
I have a birthmark of jamiaca on my occk.
You should come take a look.
Did they unleash the virus over there? People oare overflooding the
hospitals, yes?
Death Hammer
Tue 10:19pm
loin attack stragetics
I have had no phone call no message no email no mail from any person
for the last three years that says anything that makes sense and the
amount has been almost non-existent. And no one has said a word about
my website except for my parents an few times and no real feedback
other then don’t make anymore videos.
If you tried to get a hold of me I didn’t get the message.
P.S. I need a personal caregiver forever because of the neglect I have
experienced to bury my water car. How many others are in need of care
like myself?
Bought my DC ticket.
Dear 3, I apologize for trying to involve myself with you in a dead
world that speaks nothing in volumes and dies over and over. I am
eternal life and my heart can’t handle losing you to death. My heart
can’t afford to lose anymore. My world speaks life and is always and
eternal and yours only speaks death until it is dead. When you are
ready to live I am here waiting forever for you. Love, Bob
I can’t handle fear even when I was afraid.
Death is my companion because He knows Himself. I hope you enjoy my
friend. I sent Him, and I believe you know I did.

mr brown goes down
donate https://truthliesdecision.com/donations
How do you deal with a dead person?
You gotta live with them until they are done breathing.
Maybe you can tell the joke on stage?

i love you.
marriage – a union that protects Itself.
Wed 7:06pm
Philly tomorrow now after grocery chopping with dad.
Thu 10:53am
,Do the outrageous so you never have to think you can’t be outrageous.
Thu 12:06pm
Come look freedom in the eye. It doesn’t cost anything to look and you don’t have to accept after you preview the goods.
Thu 1:36pm
Headed to philly.
Thu 9:20pm
Healing with Jesus and monkey giant Boulder monkey style kung fu-class. and you guys.
Fri 5:23am
I am at the bus stop.
Fri 8:18am
On the bus
Fri 4:35pm
Washington is down and government quit before being a president is wrong.
robert g brown and a little blue
robert g brown bobby brown bob brown

Fri 7:35pm
Sat 1:04am
Somebody stole my back pack.
Sat 4:30am
I asked the military to help find my son Mr bag . The blanket was in there too. They didn’t show so I asked if they are at the baby dick party. They still aren’t here. But they keep sending the child molester committee to talk to me through faggot waves.
Somebody asked if I had roll ups like they know something.
Charger got stolen too and my ticket is on the phone.
It’s almost like if I cared about anyone you would be here.
God said I am no longer responsible for myself or anyone else because of how much I love you and the world and he will take care of me forever.
I have get a charger and backpack.
a little blue is safe for now.
DC transportation center.
JC is here. I wonder if he will be able to stop by.
Sat 6:11am
I may be the right needy because I need everyone to solve the problem.
Now that you know I don’t mind being jerked a lot, you come grab me and jerk me around.
Sat 8:09am
Sat 9:33am
Hi Mary
gin bloody mary from fare well washington dc

My Son Kidnapped in Washington DC K N O W radio
donate https://truthliesdecision.com/donations Washington DC sword light, llc beat down productions a little blue and mr brown
I need to be taken to your concert as gently as possible.
You are your decision.


Healing Services

Kung Fu Class

Is Eleanor Dead? Part V

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