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Necrophiliacs Roofie Plan

Necrophiliacs roofie young adult drinking girls and boys and paint their bodies with death makeup and fuck them for 8 hours before they place them outside the abondoned building to wakeup filled with 8 galllins of load.

Get down to the general location.

Keep it in the family, dad two daughters one daughter’s husband and one daughter’s baby bang the daughter with baby and the baby on the switch until it feels so good they fuck until the sun comes up.

100% healing protection – give $1 a month to the homeless. The truth knows.

No matter what happens, I shared and share plenty of great ideas with the people freely.

Rumor has it, Nicolaitans and the army of homosexuals have teamed up to train babies to swallow large items and choke while speaking the words, “I like that.”

Necrophiliacs Roofie Plan

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