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Shocking Rape and Molest with know radio

Shocking Rape and Molest with know radio
by Robert G Brown
Friday 01.04.2018

Ignorance and denial, and rape and molestation co-exist, because of the effect they have on each other. Talking about rape and molestation like it shouldn’t be happening until it is not…is better than not talking or trying to stop any one person from raping or molesting.

If you need a friend, I believe you give the best of your self every day as long as it takes to meet the one or ones that make sense of your life. Until then, follow your heart and share it.

This world fights for no reason. Revolution is for solving problems, like a revolution of the mind. It can be peaceful, but when all you know is war, prison, and trying to control anyone besides your self, it is a dangerous place to live.

People that want to be in-charge of your life, don’t want you to know who you are, so they can control you forever. This place is for decent people that know God loves them and they follow The Holy Spirit with all their might.

Nobody can live life for you, or take you to Heaven. But, if you allow the right teacher to Guide you, you can do it your self and learn to live forever. The Holy Spirit is my teacher. And God takes you to Heaven when you are ready, because if it was when He was ready, He would take you now. That’s what I believe. Scared people would probably disintegrate, right?

If you want to be shocked in horror watch the video.

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Shocking Rape and Molest with know radio

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