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take 5 break loose

This world hurts because there is another one. I am the new kingdom of heaven as learner not judge.

There is another place, you didn’t here me business dynamic is heaven’s business dynamics as addition to worldfamilycommunity.com .org .net, when you know how we do it is for safety and protection and efficiency for all including the employee and the customer. There is another place if it is not perfect you didn’t here me.

Hi. I love you. Do you believe me. The ego only knows suspicion and viciousness. The holy spirit only knows love and innocence because it is not worth it to know anything else, but He (the holy spirit) can help you see only that and release you from fear. That is what A Course in Miracles describes about the ego and the holy spirit. Parent kid holy spirit leads us by freedom to heaven. Reality is here. The illusion of our fear hides it. Christ is a protection for physics as unconditional love lives forever. The holy spirit is another Voices amongst the many voices of doubt and conflict and that lead to lies about your self and until you hide from life by pretending to be a victim to its controls and ruthless destruction in its subtle humor that everyone dies.

Head on rolls out rolls up and be harmless is the teacher warrior end of war and back to family fun with friends. Peace.

P.S. If you are going to hate each other and die, porn looks like the best way to make money for that.

Who are you getting married to?

It is the truth that you lied if you lied, but its result is pressure and stress, which I thought was given by today’s science studies as the result of lies best answer is pressure and stress on all.

Take 5 Break Loose

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