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trust in-charge

trust in-charge
by robert g brown

A demon in hell is in-charge of getting the tortures done for the day. He is working with 4 newcomers, and has to make sure they know what in-charge is. So he throws two bats between the 4 and tells them to fight for the two bats. They oppose the demon and he eats their flesh until they are dead, and he resurrects them back to health, and tells them…try again. After the trauma they just experienced they quickly fight over the bats kicking the living shit out of each other to earn their prize.

Good, the demon tells them. Now we can get down to business. He partners a bat with a non-bat, and tells the bats to beat their non-bat partner to death. That’s how you tell someone what to do…now get to it.

Looking helplessly at the demon, the demon tells them that the winner, which is the one who beats the non-bat to death the best, according to my judgment doesn’t get beat to death with a bat.

A crooked smile comes across one of the bats faces, and the demon tells them, that is the attitude we are looking for here, and the bats start beating the non-bats to death, and do so quite effectively knowing they are in hell and never leaving. That’s the power of in-charge.

It drives you to hopelessness, until all you know is insanity and death. Who is the winner of in-charge today? The demon is obviously already insane, and the newbies will never know love again. The bats look in terror at the demon to hear his judgment, as he tells them their are no winners here, so get ready for your beating. Death or hell is the world you live in…do you want to continue, or learn to live again?

Trust your self and trust others to trust themselves, and let the world be as it…beautiful. When no one is in-charge finally, the real world will appear. In God we trust, because God trusts His children. Self-responsibility comes from our responsibility of dominion, meaning every living thing including humans is to be treated as an infant baby, while respecting and honoring each other as who we are….age, accomplishment, achievement, leadership, etc. I would like to hear your ideas.

In-charge must die, or we all will die, and we all have a lot to learn.

Good morning. Please come by soon.

trust in-charge

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