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Is Eleanor Dead? part ix

Is Eleanor Dead? part ix
by Robert G Brown
stardate: Friday 10.26.2018

you are too faggot coward to be my friend.
Oct 5th, 9:03am

I love you and your mom’s vaginal?
Bob Brown
that’s how you get drunk and know i am me.
hello. you broke my heart forever joining one dick. please don’t ever think about me again. thanks.
i am a peach an you are the anti fruit
I love you God regardless. I have been through hell to long. Amen
you are too faggot to come over here?

bcause your mom
Oct 5th, 12:53pm
youwill never make it here because you know what you are doing,.
lady ggaa nad friends are all faggot coward good luck on her defaggot.
at least you all know how to tell people what to do coward faggot
you didn’t trust me faggot coward.
cant say what you did or said? what is suicide?

You are everything to me. I am a friend. are you a friend?
That’s your girlfriend and bff, bring them over and lets see. i don’t want you to be hurt or unhappy is eleanor friedberger to me.
Hello Omega
or is it mischief?
Hi mischief.
9/11 was the last sighting of human
bob marely needs to complet His project.

Oct 5th, 7:03pm
the are no friends on this planet…just pimps and whore? your friends and family are all pimps and whore?
It is like the whole world only know how to coward faggot and use empty threats to try to scare people, but since the whole world is coward is faggot no one even gets scared they just act ignorant and go back into denial.
my keyboard doesn’t like to respond
I know how to dance.
yhe people of planet earth won’t ven take me out dancing.
my room party is all i get with coward faggot planet
how not to be coward faggot is the quest line today for the worthiness of god game in 3d reality.
how long are you going to be coward faggot?
murderers liars cheater thieves rapits and ,olesters are boring uninteresting and lock the world in chains and make us all the murderers liars cheaters liars thieves rapists and molesters while we act like it is someone else’d problem? We are that coward faggot? Lame
cheaters rapists and molesters*
imposters are no horny
suck a dick in-chargeez are dead to me and mother nature.
ultimate coward faggots
Many humans are reincarnating as single cell organisms and not allowed on this planet while aren’t even allowed to have a physical body ever again.
I had a dream that an animal growled and climbed on the back my head. I trusted the animal and it became one with my head?
It could have been an opossum but it seemed smaller like between the size of a squirrel and an opossum and it made love to my head. A few pumps but no load.
It felt like I had a helmet.
Oct 5th, 11:03pm
The super ego can’t handle being alone or people that coward faggot through faggot walls.
I am here to share it freely. My metaphorical cupcake, so we can all play together in fun and love. The why I screamed for people to come over so I could share it. It is too much for one person.
Evil sorcerers are using business as usual to steal everyone’s power to deceive the masses.
That’s why you have to throw your life in business as usual to be here
Life away”
A pack and a guitar. We can act as a borderland company to collect donations and put every business out of business gently for a smooth transition to beyond government and money.
An old school Bus would be fun.
The people behind me work for them or are them on the front lines pretending to be regular folk I heard the two dads raping the baby trying to figure why no one will go over there.
All the evil people are finding out they are terrified of themselves and make up stories to distract people.
There is no reality on this planet yet.
But I do uphold perfect physics by God’s blessing. And the death defied helps me fly on the wings of intent for added protection and intimate meetings You may dream your self here if you like and have the ability. I thought someone was here one day but they disappeared before I found out who it was.
I thought it was my mom but she was downstairs
No one qualified to be at my party yet. Sounds weird.
God made me my own kingdom because of what happened here
I guess I cant be around others that thought hurting my planet was okay.
I helped the devil get back to Heaven and I cant even get a hello from anyone.
Worst case of denial in human history?
Pi haven’t even spoke with anyone in many years.
I haven’t even spoken with anyone in many years.
One dick or a dick associates as I call it is a homosexual rape network and you don’t know who you are raping until you get there and it could be anyone male or female or multiple persons and they do it in hope’s of fucking somebody they like is the trick but they tell you all kinds of fucked up shit for you to get to fuck who you want to. That’s a bit of the rumor.
Government issued military grade crack boulder distributed to the citizens of delray to help them defeat the kingdom of heaven and destroy his innocence.?
Oct 6th, 9:06am
No one let me share what I came to share. So God made me my own kingdom because everyone hurt each other instead
I can handle about a phone call at this point.
Oct 6th, 10:58am
Many times I go out walking it feels like my feet could smash through the concrete it is so heavy being attacked by all nations.
My mom and grandmom said you won’t know who or when. I never thought me.
Oct 6th, 1:18pm
I am broken completely. Everything that is human is false. You could you love me and it is false but the opposite is also false.
You could say i”
You could say you love me”
Right away in peace travel lightly.
My protection goes with you.
When my parents have visitors they inform me.
My neck goes first then I learn about protection. I am God’s kid.
I have made mistakes with 7.6 plus or minus billion teachers. I have learned how to correct my mistakes and know how to solve problems. But problems take everyone’s input to solve.
I cant make your decisions but I gave all of myself and felt right in my heart even up against the world’s judgment. I have no regrets. But the world lost friend and a lover. Will you him ever again?
Will you ever find him again?”
the two most loving acts in the cosmmos is to come here and look me in the eyes as your father or kill your self. ask mother nature?
Oct 9th, 6:30am

you got to have fun over there and over here. you have been playing with yourselves and torturing bobby. when does bobby get to play? cocka doodle do too by ?que lachinga? http://truthliesdecision.com http://worldfamilycommunity.com http://worldfamilycommunity.org
Bob Brown
good morning
Oct 9th, 10:10am
please talk to my face like i asked.
you are forgetting how i love myself understand myself forgive myself and accept myself.
that is what i give all day long…unconditional love, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance.
I asked the whole world to come talk to me. No one showed up yet and they said they are coming over abd it is like a 10 second walk for many and it is 3 years later.
Oct 9th, 1:16pm
Never watch this video. https://www.facebook.com/100025351081052/videos/269338237254544/
Oct 9th, 9:00pm
Bob Brown was live.
Bob Brown
Oct 9th, 11:06pm
1 million people is the minimum amount of people you need to ne with to be here, but you can invite me to any public location.
It’s for your saftey. I think I am surrounded by child molesters serial killers and rpaists, and as an innocent man I just reslized it. Three years I trusted my neighnors and I haven’t even got a hello.
trusted them to come talk to me.
But they forward my phone and Isend imposters
Becasue I haven’t got a phone call in 3 years either
they send
Oct 10th, 5:12am
I am the last Dominion. So I have the full resurrection when you are done killing. It is God’s bleesimg because it is the only way I can protect life wiile people decide to act foolishly and keep killing nd trying to kill their healer. Love Bob
So there really is no one for me.
You have become the kingdom of Coward becasue you wouldn’t work together to be here.
The Eagel will wipe your identies at death and reforulate God’s spirit.
If you all work together you may be able to protect Omega as she comes gently.
Oct 11th, 1:58am
How to raise a child. That’s Eleanor she does whatever she wants. My parents didn’t raise right. That’s Bobby he isn’t allowed to do anything in our house, except what we let him.
isn’t allowed to do anyting*
raise me right*
excuse me I can’t see with all the crack boulder smokers in my neighborhood. Since I smoked crack while I was in hell, I heal them now, and they smoke to destroy the kingdom of heaven who i am and rape me unitl i am dead is the wall rumor
my name is heaven as yours if you or when you remember.\
i did tell you but it is best you remember so you don’t get confused
you are your decision and my mom and dad are the devil and satan by their decision.
excuse my lightning ii am at war. dion says it is good to be polite and at war it is important tome to be like lightning.
I love you. Polite it is to and pleasing to the eyes good grammar and punctuation.
is to?
you like it.
Oct 12th, 10:16am
I have littlest information with the most ability to heal anyone and no one is here yet. Who is stopping everyone from being here and how are thet doing it?
What is going on here. I have a date sheet that is way to big to fathom and no database because I build the database when I talk to each person.
-the light of truth
Everyone is scared of the truth?
Who are the tricksters and imposters?
Are you hanging out with someone you think is me?
People have taken what I have said and pretended to be to keep people in guilt.
If you invested to euthanize 7 billion people you invested in euthanizing your self. Dominion says if you want to kill someone kill your self.
-mother nature
tobe me*
to be me*
Oct 12th, 2:52pm
So the bad people are getting kids on ice? and raping them and tying them up until they are off that shit and raping them so it hurts real bad. What investment of hatred even allows anyone to think like that?
I have been screaming for help for three years and that’s what I hear today?
God’s champion and messenger asked for help for everyday and no one will even talk to him. What is this all about?
Doesn’t anyone know how much one person speaking with the light of truth over here can heal the whole planet?
No one will even question me about my ideas and have fun in conversation.
…like they know how to talk in honesty?
…even if they are unsre of anything I said.
or don’t believe a word I said?
This an insult to the whole cosmos and disrepectful to the whole human race, that no one will even speak a word with me.
Guilty in-chargeez trying to destroy God’s innocence is the motive.
…and that’s one of their methods?
People should watch Hansel and Gretal
-tom sawyer looking for huckleberry finn
or is it the other way around
Oct 12th, 4:33pm
I am going to assume I made it all up, but thanks for a beautiful story?
I have a date with the devil, so goodnight.
I have a date with the devil, goodnight.
Oct 12th, 6:46pm
i am laying in bed waiting for the devil and it is like three years later.
Oct 14th, 2:50am
If you want to get on my serber the perfect prayer server take the bring the house quest.
Bob Brown is with Emily Kae and 10 others.
End Regret
Bob Brown
Oct 14th, 8:17am
The human race is a virus and I am survival of the fittest eternal life and the antidote the healer and right and the virus thinks it is the opposite. The vius has to ask me for healing.
Because it is that simple it thinks someting else is over here.
It is trying to find it a mate or be its mate, but it doesn’t mate until the virus is healed, so it just needs to aks it for healing.
the virus just*
So it waits for a part of the virus to not be a afraid of it and ask for healing.
It is the planet’s next evolution or paradigm beyond martyrdom.
the virus is fear and you are the host.
the virus thinks anything but you go over to it and ask for healing.
the viurs is trying to kill everyone with sex
if you don’t go against everything you know you can’t get to the healer.
give to receive and proud i said it i did it are tools on the path.
2×2 if you need a friend
go over and ask for healing.
family first
take your family.
my dad doesn’t want healing
too false pride
in-charge and authority are the worst problems

Is Eleanor Dead? Part VIII a thief in the night

faggot walls destroy the spirit and the soul, so they try to steal power from each other.
Oct 16th, 1:33pm
yo yo ma your mom came over after she watched this video? ask her.

fin in the dirt by que lachinga
fin in the dirt by ?que lachinga? beat down productions sword light llc http://worldfamilycommunity.org http://worldfamilycommunity.com 20 second dance party…
Oct 18th, 8:09pm
Oct 19th, 5:59am
so i get a boner when i wake up a go smoke cigarettes and you all rpe each other through walls. are you with someone or do you all masturbate to each other? what is going on? do you have a friend over there?? is anyone going to tell me what is gooing on? I have a plan to save the world and you are all busy raping each other through walls. what is the real story?
you all give me a boner? that is it? I a alone ad have no friends
but i get a boner for a moment in trhe morning so you can all rape eaacch other
what do you all get out of it
these are your amazing sexual practices?
I get a boner so you can all rape each other?
and then you tell me to suck a dick and said of saying good morning what is that about?
I don’t have a boy friend either
at least 5000 trillion people are watching this planet earth show from outer spasve
how long do you rape each other after i get a boner and get up and smoke cigarettes and get my coffe
while i scream for help for over 3 ears
are you all gay homomsexuals
no one wuill even talk to me and you kepp raping each other?
I asked for help
at least 500 trillion are watching
are there any girls that don’t rape each other thr=hrough walls
I don’t want a homsexual boyfriend
why do people say suck a dick through walls?
the one girl said i just get you the boner so i can rapee the girkls you like
i asked every person for help non one showed up ais every person raping each other
you habe no authority here so why do people tell me to suck a dick
now slap your self and tell me what is going on over here please in your beautiful slab
i have no authoruity there either so take it for it is worth
Fri 9:43 PM
how to beat women https://youtu.be/-SyJumnsQqQ
beat down happy times by a ltitle blue


Sat 4:34 PM
Who are thinking about?
are you*
Sat 5:53 PM
smile? https://youtu.be/dAwBENHD314
Joy to Your Hole by ?que lachinga?
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Mon 10:29 AM
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Mon 12:45 PM

Mon 4:59 PM
Scared yet? I will eat your soul? Don’t question it? https://youtu.be/opcKuAO_DW0
War Cry by The Family of Gaia
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Tue 11:47 AM
Hi https://youtu.be/RsGoqGW4-OY
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Tue 6:47 PM
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how i will murder you
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Wed 5:11 PM
I was given blunt forced trauma to the head at 16 months or I may not look so pretty.
See what I mean?
1 of the first soft spot operations 8 hours guestimation blood transfusion and everything was an experiment that is now a15 to 45 minute procedure. I think after the whiskey they just tossed some brain scraps in from every human because they sold my brain to science few moments earlier after I flat-lined and the heart monitor starting beeping for some reason.

Thu 10:44 AM
A pretty video https://youtu.be/3U2Z68uA54o good morning beautiful. did you ask the sunshine an important question or question him at all?
ghost existence by ?que lachinga?
donate http://truthliesdecision.com/donations K N O W radio beat down productions sword light llc http://worldfamilycommunity.com http://worldfamilycommuity.org
Thu 2:36 PM
How people find ways to real world.https://youtu.be/VSlPb_LvNqU
choke real hard by mr brown ant the word ups
beat down productions choke real hard by mr brown an the word ups sword light llc http://worldfamilycommunity.com donate http://truthliesdecision.com/donations
9:08 AM
Can you dance this good?

the video https://www.facebook.com/100025351081052/videos/278129563042078/?id=100025351081052&__tn__=%2Cd*F*F-R&eid=ARCKm9Qgl1jaUIE5GrEnBVD0HN185FmT6h3oL_Ns9Zloid-qhCPLZ44QZZqQSt07MEI2L8vFPolgIc6l&tn-str=*F
10:26 AM

kiss me

what insanity? then i woke up.

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