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I have a 12 year old son Brandon Xavier Brown, so I am a 12 year old boy on the streets as I do my community service as a learning minister. You are my teachers as even a new baby teaches you, when you say that is a cute baby or an ugly baby by reinforcing your idea of cute or ugly, that the world already taught you. What is the cute or ugly that you describe to your thinking?

Every individual has a decision that can change the world. You don’t have think, say, or do anything to live forever, so you are responsible for your decision, and I live here too. Should the live forever part be questioned?

We are all real people, and human before differences. Do you attack a color or a person?

Blood runs and fire burns. Prejudice means different. And God is powerful. Do you think He is pitiful?

The light is where we solve problems, not hiding from them. You story can be a living example for others with similar stories and those that are having a difficult time being okay with themselves for what they thought, said, or did. Your story may help someone make a better or more informed decision for their life. It may help them overcome obstacles and overcome fears more quickly knowing someone else has been through troubled times or similar experiences.

I want to know where everyone is, and what they are doing, and who they are with for my safety and my now my son’s safety, and before Brandon, I really didn’t think about why that was important to my own parents. Now I want to know everyone. If you are proud of your life in what you think, say, and do, you should have no problem with anyone knowing that information.

If your son is sitting next to a child molester or homosexuals or someone that has much more serious problems like a murderer, I would like Brandon to be able to feel safe and able to find about those things through conversation and questions, so he can acquire the information he wants right from the source. He may see why it happened and how to avoid it or offer ideas that help heal.

Who are you or how are you? What are the answers and what is their meaning? Are you hiding? Do you have children? What do you think is good for kid’s lives that help them grow and develop into strong healthy learners and friends to our world, so they can teach and share forever in peace with all?

We are given to temptation, which means we see a physical world. Ours is still filled with predators, bad teachers, and we are all God’s kids. So be safe and good luck.

We are here to heal and bring world peace together cooperatively as the One Son or the One Family of God. Everything you see and be and beyond is God’s Kingdom and to be shared freely.

Marriage is a union and oneness that thrives with our care and protection. Dominion cares for all life and protects it with its own. Parent, kid and The Holy Spirit is a fun way to see life today. The Holy Spirit is a friend and a teacher that helps Guide our way in healing.

Why was The Holy Spirit created?

I hope enjoy your discoveries and have fun on your adventures of learning about life and reality.

Does freedom still cost money?

The FoG is rollin’ in.

**Note = a mother protects her family with her life a keeps them informed and up to date. I am willing to let everyone on planet Earth know who I am, what I am doing, and who I am with at all times. Are you?

12 year old boy alone in philadelphia12 year boy alone in philadelphia

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12 Year Old Boy Alone on the Streets of Philadelphia

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