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911 Emergency Handle Ability

911 Emergency Handle Ability Status

Know the Source and the Guide you heal with and live with. Freedom and reality unlimited unconditional love holy light and holy spirit are my source and guide for care and protection and eternal life.

I like the, I don’t like that, awesome, instead of hurting anything.

“What are we doing today,” Cheesy Jesus said out front of his host house with a huge boner? Jamin from New Jersey Pizza Company is a close match for Cheesy Jesus. Maybe it is a pizza.

Thank you Jesus Christ holy spirit. I know mystics now as Dr. Frank R. Walls describes in his literature. I felt peace.

From behind, I hear a Voice in my head saying, “That’s what you get for looking up?” I thought it the holy spirit as I am learning peace and care and protection knowing peace by God’s understanding. His Voice is every where happy. That’s is what say. The holy spirit punches with a smile of joy hoping for no punch always. Cast the first stone accomplished achievement and bonus award. Enjoy the Worthiness of God Game of God Game. Dion will like it. I think. Thanks God. Hi God.

Good diet God said by my mouth…coffee, tobacco, marijuana, fake weed, beer, hard liquor, juice, wine, fish, veggie, grain, fruit. Water is free and the #1 drink.

God Almighty is my hope faith and love.

We are all growers as the exchange for life. Ted Nickel thinks like that. …So art is free.

Cloth is made and hemp marijuana is made to be cut down as God’s #1 medicine earned and achieved by effort and learning for healing. Thank you hemp marijuana holy spirit for your continued help to heal and teach relationship with all the living as God’s professional and advanced healer that our insanity sees as meaningless and expendable. They are the books your have looking for you cannot find. What is The Book of Leaves? The Book of Leaves is written in the trees.

You suck dick the right way? You come here and ask to help any way possible.

You do?

by ?que lachinga? mr brown a little blue

Judgment with Water

If you would like your judgment with water. I listen to Him is Bob Marley’s Indian name. Immanuel Baptist Maple Shade has a beautiful baptism service for you and your families and I have sister services recommendations. Faggot coward and nigger are foundational words I use all the time so you know me as a friend. I think Amy Denton wants to date me in public and Mrs. Denton like my mom can protect us her self but could use and I would like your support. Lady Gaga is my best friend and I think here house is cleaner than my mom’s and she can worship Satan and may or may not need our help may play pretend and may not at all worship Satan.  Eleanor knows me as her husband with you wish I was that horny attitude. adjustments. …And Emma is my bondage girlfriend no tie level but we are exclusive right now. And all girls are allowed to fuck whoever they want always mutually with anyone and they can can fuck fuck anyone if any one of them and another want to fuck and regardless if they are fucking right now or not, I am mad they are not fucking me…those 4. Eleanor knows best right now, so I understand, even for Lachinga.

The AO on Netflix can get up to speed. House of Cards on Netflix lights the trenches.

Kids don’t work they have fun so they can be creative and play always. Commas can go on a break. Life is a constant family party where we help out and contribute give and share and learn together forever. If i missed something, i am still stepping. No not allowed what are you doing says go boot smack and smoke crack and sell your body for money. I live you Brandon. We are healing and caring for the sick God Protection thank you holy spirit protection. Good luck. Mike D has the nuclear keys. I got the codes and the clearance.  I celebrate you all. Thank God makes some sense sense healer of insanity Don Juan Matus. God damn what a reject. I can be that sometimes if it is always. You can come over if you think say do this is Don Genaro’s Indian name type family. Bye.

Think about what it is like in the movies. Broad Street Perspectives

Enjoy the blankey. Hi daddy. Mommy did everything again?

Did he say that about girls my sister wonders?..

Every person hockey adult 6 and up…

The right house the right resources the right equipment the right supplies for every person now. Hi God. Here me. Hear me.

I love you and your One Son as everything you see and beyond and your holy holy spirit and I thank you for your holy spirit with all my might heart and power you lend during healing marijuana said I said and that is why she hurts me because it hurts everyone to heal fast now and he loves me always with everything. That is how we talk. Ask her.

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wicked witch brewing companies coming soon.

God did do something wrong and did get in trouble. …Because His kids shot someone or blew someone up, and the like.

God teach me respect now please God AMEN

Rosa’s was here. What is the respect for The Drake?

You got that? Do even try to come from the back. lightning up kung fu dancer style from those that support peace. North Philly thinks its got artists.

Trying to get on my credit again. I will love the move somehow with God. I forgot the i in move for movie. I will love the movie clear and correct thank you holy spirit in every one of us every step at a time is my teachers look and you will find sounds like another Indian name from the streets KRS -One perfect credit style.

If you are having sex, you shouldn’t do it for money? You should be finding ways to have sex freely for free. Your parents should know. Then it it is the same right. Safe. Next batter.

Hi death. Still working at the graveyard? You people need to see I am doing something always to heal us all God. Dick asshole is learning to be harmless and help by learning with reliable information for informed decision. Every letter I type is good enough awesome for every person complete celebration and peace. Back up support. Contribute. Get involved in peace. Teach peace to lean peace for you and you and others to heal together. -ACIM

ACIM Info – A Course in Miracles Course Info

Learning is the top investment for success. Love, ME

Po is now the dragon warrior. I feel I have a friend I can talk to Pei Mei said in my imagination.

Albert Einstein may have said you can master anything in 15 minutes a day kung fu, what did you say you want to do?

I can do no wrong attitude adjustments thank you holy spirit deliberate step kung fu style kung fu

I did hurt my dick jerking off Lady Gaga. Please come over now. Optimus Prime said peace harmless to come over in my imagination skills. Sounds foreign. Make sure my parents and your parents know you are coming over. I will know because my parents will tell me. I am healing. Did you get back from school yet, Lady Gaga? Just make it okay Emma. Like you go over and blow someone on the couch across from where I am talking.

There are no free peaches right now and there should be. …Because free is for all.

Men women and children go with Emma fucks us all forever. Keep learning? Please protect me Emma. Educate. Now, Eleanor has to suck all the load out of my testicles and swallow to clean and recycle my fertility with her assistants.

God messed something up. He gave us a decision.

I don’t know what it is. Go over here.

There is nothing to hurt. I know what is right for my life. Harmless peace. …When Jesus Christ gets here, He will clear everything up easily, I think. Life lives death dies. Live lives kill kills. Lice control recommended by doctors is our best information. World Family Community is the solution to better medicine. Fight to survive or live forever as one. Click:


I hope to see you soon Brandon. Faith says forever. Love says we will be together. God is loving caring protective and peaceful seeking harmless here as me His son. That is the holy spirit. Thank God holy spirit. I love you. AMEN

Thanks for the lessons Jesus Christ and Friends. I am learning and I like It to learn.

My son Brandon Xavier Brown

brandon xavier brown

Born Bonus Extras:

Mr Brown Freedom Reality

by ?que lachinga? mr brown a little blue

Meat Permanent a little blue?

by ?que lachinga? mr brown a little blue

Where is your meat product?

by ?que lachinga? mr brown a little blue

Is that a homosexual?

by ?que lachinga? mr brown a little blue

Bobby, right?

by ?que lachinga? mr brown a little blue

When we could be singing, dancing, and playing, what are we talking about? Please help.

Treat people how you want to be treated.

Please Help

911 Emergency Handle Ability Status

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