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healthcare leads to death

Healthcare Leads To Death

by Robert G Brown

Tuesday October 31, 2017

Life is expressed in unconditional love, and is the basis for all science. Our text books are geared for death, even our history outlines our mistakes, but we believe them to be our triumphs, or we at least shroud them as triumphs, so we can continue to destroy our culture and society. We call it evolution, but it is self destruction. Food, clothing, and shelter in abundance with no one in-charge is our inheritance, and our life, until we realize we are not a body.

The journey back to Heaven is shown in our example, not our authority over others. Healthcare or deathcare leads to the graveyard, while healing walks us to Heaven in unity, knowing fear is the only thing that blocks the healing of the whole world. It’s our psychology, not our bodies, that is sick. Our body’s sickness is the reality of how we think. Our body is the perception of sickness, but can be used to heal the world. If God doesn’t know sickness or death, we have no idea who we are as a people.

Forgiveness is our healing tool, that allows us to look fear in the face and see Christ rather than the nightmare, we thought was the reality. It was the surface of our thinking that leads to quick judgments that pushes the world away and leaves us feeling alone. Seeing the love that seems hidden releases our brothers and sisters from the hell they believed was reality. Heaven has no opposite, so our judgment must be clouded in insanity to make others guilty in hopes to establish our innocence. God establishes our innocence and keeps it safe forever, even if we think He doesn’t love us anymore.

Punishment is how we see our fear of God. He doesn’t punish, so neither do you, and until you realize it, you live in hell. You have been given all the power of God’s mind. How do you use it? Heaven is harmless. Are you hurting anyone? Are you hurting your self?

Death is not a solution to anything, right flies? What is the love of the the life we see. Flies clean the air.  Smack any lately? You heal death by not killing. Healthcare focuses on the body and your money to give temporary solutions, instead of realizing the mind needs to be healed with all minds to see true healing. We live together, or we fight to survive. Survival of the fittest fades in unity, and triumph becomes our shared idea of each other, and our heart’s love expressed as Heaven, by helping those in need of a better view, and bringing the light back to our lives.

God’s vision only knows Heaven, and the road you travel is certain. You can follow your own folly, or learn of our Universal Inspiration…our family’s best love for each moment we live and share the light of the world with all those on our path. The Holy Spirit is our Guide and Answer to all fears. As fears are brought to the Holy Spirit, He forgives the world. This is our gift to share with everyone…our salvation. Give your love unlimited and free, by supporting all those who are hurting, and call for God’s love.

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Healthcare Leads To Death

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