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school teacher lesson plan

School teacher? Lesson Plan? Do you know how to design a lesson plan for unlimited freedom and reality?

This is my first attempt. Kids ages fetus to not dead are my students. Talking to anyone’s face without fear is the goal. You face everybody, knowing you are protected because you extend joy and kindness by way of faith’s investment. Why is it an investment?

If you shoot someone and they die, YOU AND THE SHOOTER BELIEVE IN DEATH, and by understanding the statement you believe in death too, if you know what I mean. That is faith. If you believe God can protect you from any harm, that is faith too. I feel pain as a human to know when there is a problem. That is faith. Fall down and go boom.

Caring for one another and protecting one another and looking out for one another and their stuff returns the same to you. That is faith and it is the philosophy that you give to receive. A Course and Miracles can lend more information quickly about giving to receive to grant your person miracle readiness.

ACIM Course Materials

School Teacher Lesson Plan

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