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honest hustler

The Honest Hustler

by Robert G Brown

Tuesday 7/22/2015

The word hustler usually instills fear immediately, because most think “drug dealer” when they hear it. But a hustler is simply someone that goes out into the world and does what it takes to make ends meet. At least that is the initial reason for their effort. Some hustlers go on to become millionaires or more.

The hustler wants money and thinks of inventive ways to get it. They usually have their dreams or families in mind when they set out on their adventure. The honest hustler usually uses what he or she is already good at to make extra money on the weekends or in their spare time.

My father worked many weekends doing carpentry and construction work or driving a dump truck, so he could give us a little extra to go on vacations have more food or whatever we needed the money for. How about a better Christmas?

We all know people like this and they use their mind to help out in one way or another. And any effort that helps our way of life is good effort. It is a shame that each day it is getting harder for everyone to make ends meet, and its funny that if we all just helped out there would be an abundance of everything.

It is time we turn around and face the truth and stop listening to our fearful mind. Now is the time to make a difference and set out on our own adventure to help our planet, so we can all live better together as one community. I like to call it a family, but a community working together is a great start.

So here is to the honest hustler. Have a beer and enjoy your day. Cheers my friend.

Honest Hustler

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