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How to Pray on Your Journey Home

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – Saturday 7/4/15
Updated 11.10.2018

*Quick note on prayer: Try to keep your prayers open ended. One way you can do this is by including more people in your prayer. For instance, if your family member has cancer…pray for everyone that has cancer. Pray for the doctors and scientists working on the cure all over the world. Pray that more people donate to cancer research. And be creative…know you are talking to your Mom and Dad when you pray, so put some feeling into your words.

1. True Prayer Revealed

True prayer is a song between you and your Mother and your Father. It is the rejoicing of the Kingdom of Heaven and the appreciation of all Creation. Right now though…you are caught in time; and there is only one reason for this dilemma – FEAR. You feel asleep and believe in the nightmare of fear you made. And you cannot wake up because fear is unwelcome in God’s Kingdom. You know this even though you cannot recognize what you know while your mind is completely clouded by fear.

2. Call Out For Help

Jesus states in the Bible that you will call out in your most troubled time, and when you call…Christ will Answer. So, when you call be ready to accept God’s will and the unlimited gifts of Heaven, but also be ready to accept the necessary gentle corrections. Gentle correction is the means that removes all fear.

Acceptance of God’s gifts is the means by which you heal wholly. And following in the foot steps of Christ, which is God’s Will…will lead you to the Kingdom of Heaven.

3. Acceptance Is A Powerful Gift

You will fully accept Christ’s help and as your sanity returns you will become invincible. It is only a matter of time. The call of Christ is as natural as His answer and as inevitable. Trust the Family of God especially when you are in doubt. Your Family will be there for you when you need them the most.

4. Ask And You Will Receive

Ask and you will receive…have faith all answers to your prayers will come in ways you will understand right now. Don’t ask for a new car…just a suggestion. Ask for the means (the best way) to obtain the car you desire.

Example: Maybe you like to work on cars and after you pray about your dream car you see a commercial for a super awesome mechanic school the provides job placement upon completion. All of a sudden you think, “Wow!’, that will help me not only buy my dream car but help provide for my family.” This how we recognize our prayers being answered.

5. Appreciation Leads To Fullness

Don’t always look for instantaneous results unless you want to miss out on the big picture. Instead look for ways to stay on the right path by drawing solid plans and developing strong strategies, so you can live in full appreciation of life. The more effective you are at applying these principles the quicker your prayers will be answered in full.

6. Forgiveness Explained

When you or anyone in your presence makes a mistake gently correct the error so you can forgive the mistake quickly and easily. Forgiveness is an act of love, but so is the correction that make forgiveness possible. Once you understand these two principles the answers to your prayers will manifest with certainty because your mind will be at peace and your vision will be clear.

…Forgiveness is an illusion that gently leads you through all fearful illusions.

You will recognize God’s gifts with ease…and your appreciation for Creation will open the door to God’s Promise. The Kingdom of Heaven is yours. God gave it to you, because God loves you. Your Mother and Father as well as the whole Family of God always did love you and will always will love you. AMEN

P.S. Remember, all of this is just a suggestion…just saying. And I would suggest you read this at least 3 to 4 times right now.

*This article was inspired by my Son’s book “A Course in Miracles”

The Right Answer: How Freedom and Reality put Sickness and Death Out of Business

How to Pray on Your Journey Home

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