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innocent until proven innocent

Innocent Until Proven Innocent

by Robert G Brown

Sunday 5/7/2017

Dear Dads,

Around the nation and the world we have fallen impotent to the Army of Homosexuals. Their world takeover has been fully accomplished as they seek the love God has blessed them with. Something is wrong on this planet if this is our blessing to God for giving us everything freely. We are obviously not doing it right, if we understand our world as innocent and free always extending love to all creation. The little things have had to step it up to help bring peace to our planet. The music, the trees, the birds and the bees, all living things are warriors of love helping us all fall in love again.

God’s promise is we are Heaven. Well if that’s the case, this aint it, as far as I am concerned. Our mother gives us everything freely, you know your planet, she love us dearly, even if you do piss her off all day for way too many years. Our civilization is not unlimited and free. It’s guilty as charged. Judgment is even for sale on this planet. God said leave judgment to Him – Innocent all day long. Why, what is illusion? That you are guilty and you can attack Heaven at all.

There has been a celebration at 20 Providence Court Delran, NJ 08075 (check out the current contact info for current party location: https://truthliesdecision.com/contact) for at least 3 years as the Innocent Son of God reigns supreme with Jesus Christ living on His house top to avoid the confusion of modern day living. Lucifer the Son of the Morning gives thanks to rewrite history knowing God is His savior. The government uses Satan as an excuse to corrupt our thinking and our growth. Their is nobody to blame but ourselves for anything bad that has ever happened. The worst atrocities committed were committed by all when you understand family.

Do we walk together or continue alone as we seek the truth to light our way? We know what we are talking about. Heaven and hell walk together as One for full reconciliation and complete planetary flip into Everything in Love as our blessings and thanks to God for allowing us to make a mess and fuck shit up. Allow us to heal our words, our actions, and our purpose. Even our thoughts need to be checked, so we feel right in every situation.

God is watching as He walks with us on our journey home. Right in front of our eyes Heaven’s reflection waits injured from our lack of motivation to pick up trash and unite the planet. Our faith in fulfilling what we want while making sure everyone has the same wants, needs, and desires met, while offering help and healing to anyone in distress. Time locks us down as we clean up our past, and return what has been stolen, with proper credit given. We all need love and sharing love is the best way to feel your best all day long.

Don’t let regret get in the way of being part of a world family community and accepting our invitation to the Intergalactic Community of Planets, so you can meet your family around the Universe as soon as possible. A sense of urgency is pertinent to clear motivation of the importance your immediate family is to this global celebration in honor of Gaia for helping us understand God’s promise. We are unlimited and free giving all love unconditionally and forever.

Let get down to business. I am here waiting. I love you all…are you here yet?

Bobby Brown


Innocent Until Proven Innocent

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