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Neo-Tech New Technology for transition to the new world

Neo-Tech New Technology for transition to the new world

by Robert G Brown

stardate Tuesday 12.18.2018

I don’t play with in-charge. I slap in-charge without laying a hand on them. I slap in-charge until they are done. In- charge leads to the stupidest in-charge, which is the most scared in-charge, which is suck-a-dick in-charge. Who even says that to be in-charge? Slap in-charge until it is done being like that, until it is finished acting like in-charge is even real. Slap!

neo-tech new technology

Honest open communication is important in a world that uses words to chain and destroy our civilization. Our high and mighty society shits in the river and moves trash around acting smart or like they know better or are better than someone else. Give me a break already.

I would like a cloud drive for my smart phone that uploads my whole drive to the cloud, so my phone drive is always clear. I want options clear upload options, so I can keep my files the way I want. This is my permanent unlimited cloud drive forever, even if i cannot afford the 10 bucks a month to access the files. It is always mine and always available for upload transfer. …But in the transition there is a fee to access the drives files.

It would be nice to have access to files you uploaded equivalent to a full phone drive or hard drive in case of emergencies, you can tranfer files up to a full phone drive or hard drive you use. Make sense?

Like you can access this many megabytes, because you didn’t pay your 10 bucks.

Do you want to be known as suck-a-dick in-charge? Faggot slap.

I am a happy person. Don’t fuck with happy people.  I am a sensitive person, so I move fast when there is a problem. Keep up!

Would eggnog, coffee, and whiskey curdle if made as a hot beverage?

Excuse me, i am thinking about Christmas.

God loves us. That much I know is true. If that is all I know about Him, it is good enough. It is that good.

Freewill says you are responsible for your decision. How would a loving Creator see your decision. The world you see is your judgment against it and your judgment against your Self. How do you correct your Self to innocence? Forgive the world? How?

I would like a college classroom with online capabilities, with access to the class via video stream or saved classroom video, and access to all students and teachers contact info to be able to ask questions.

I just moved into my new room in N. Philly and it’s in shambles, but I love my new Heaven. I would like to rent the whole place or buy it.

2325 n. beechwood north philly truthliesdecision.com

Can a digital hard drive use ones and zeros to generate power? What are fibonacci numbers? What is the golden ratio? What is their part in the equation, even if the value is no value?

The power of any number is the power of 1. Zero has the power of 1. God has a Son?

Neo-Tech New Technology for transition to the new world

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