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new music truthliesdecision

Why do you want to touch the hot pot?

Good skills used in organized crime and mass murder.

Reliable information for informed decision is today’s arsenal for freedom and success via reality dynamics. Self healing and free idea sharing lead leadership. Leadership is a servant to all. Stand firm. Be alive. How do you want me to handle your willingness to die? What are we supposed to act like while you are busy dying?

Eleanor Friedberger my wife and lady gaga my bff and emma goldstein Darth em are gonna try business over here. I am gonna try to train them. Their story is forever. Jesus said you will do greater things then I, but what about when He gets back? ACIM teacher Robert Gordon Brown? Brandon Brown my son is the boss. Need kids? Impregnate. Don’t punish them.

We are writers for a new horror genre called nightmares.

Headlines for nightmares ideas:

Girl just got back from her first porno shoot. Girl didn’t know fear could lead to rape.

I am here to save those that have it much worse than I. I sit here knowing what I want to do without the help I need to do it. You are free now and too scared to be alone, so you punish, enslave, and imprison, because you will not say you are scared to be alone.

Kids are in danger because we have them and try to get rid of them, tell they are not good enough, push them aside, and tell them to be quiet instead of listen to their dreams and fears. We punish them for being our kids. That is not why we have kids, but it keeps happening to our children. We go insane when they get lost, but we keep losing them to sex, drugs, and violence.

You torture me around the clock instead of help me save the children. Even your faggot wall kisses are lined with poison thoughts of special power parlor tricks that make kisses and hugs the most disgusting experience that can take years of lonely repair with nobody around to help the remedy. You want numb. To be alive is a joke on funeral parlor planet.

I don’t want kisses, hugs, or your presence in my life ever again. You are the worst evil leaving me here alone, regardless if you are the ones sending the hurtful hateful messages with the sorcery. Sitting back watching it happen is just as evil.

People that have it way worse have to wait on you to do the right thing, while their innocence remains hidden by our way life, as they rot in prison dungeons, so no one knows who they are. Freedom fighters that have been put away, so you don’t know reality or freedom.

If you believed in your self and in what you are doing, you would have no problem telling anyone gladly.

I do not do faggot walls. I simply coop with stress and trauma when I talk or think. I am not talking to you through faggot walls. I do not participate in the world or contribute to the world any longer. You are all rapist terrorists as far as I know, that punish abuse and enslave people, because you are scared of your story and you are scared being alone to the point you don’t mind helping and supporting mass murdering child molester rapists of terrorist.

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new music truthliesdecision

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