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The Legend of the White Rainbow

The Legend of the White Rainbow

by Robert G Brown


Everything stole the colors of the rainbow, because everything wanted everything for itself. Only 2 were willing to give it all away and everything didn’t like them for it. Each color represents a Kingdom within everything. And it is up to us all to give the colors back. With the white mist it begins and with the black stripe it ends. The end is its completion or a beautiful new beginning. How ever you want to say it is fine, but the truth of light is keeping you blind. Now is the time fess up, because this boy here is about to erupt.

Who are the two? The star and the flower…they are the King and Queen that bring our final healing. We represent the golden heart. We want to become hermaphrodites in order to give it all back in perfect love and create the Kingdom of Amber Brown. (14th dimension)

More about this soon…God Bless and game on.

*Inspired by all that gave everything to protect our children.

The Legend of the White Rainbow

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