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Everything Speaks

By Robert G Brown


Everything speaks…the people, the animals, the plants…everything. A grain of sand could have the most valuable piece of information you need for the day. Have you said hello to everything today?

Every thought, every word, every action is prayer to God. So when you believe there is only certain times for God…you are wrong. When you are angry, and fearful…that is your prayer to God for that moment. When you curse your world…you curse God.

Love is the answer to every problem. How are you loving your world right now? Fear is a call for love…nothing more. When you see another spreading fear and you recognize it…it is your chance to help bring your neighbor back to love.

But let’s not get away from ourselves here. We are learning how to speak to everything. The quicker we understand this simple fact, the faster our spiritual attunement will grow in strength and acceptance that our world is a miracle and should be treated with the gentle kindness is deserves.

Perfect love should be our only goal. At that means healing fear in acceptance. We cannot put walls up against fear. We need to discover the origin of the fear and bring it back to love through our peaceful mind.

Example…the word nigger has been instilled with so much fear it is hard for many people to even think about the word without seeing pain. So in Heaven we brought it back to love. Its new meaning is “slave to love.”

Simplicity is the best way to bring love to our lives. We forgot this when we stopped talking to everything. Your pot cooking on the stove can tell you when it is done because it understands everyone eating that day and knows how to help everyone eating and bring happiness to their bellies. Your food knows what you are currently like and also knows how expand your awareness to allow newness into your perspective. A gentle twist on great recipe may be your food’s beautiful message for the day.

Use the world around as your inspiration for mind expansion. It starts by talking to everything. The plants are very upset we don’t speak with them anymore. It is time to begin again, if you are not doing it already.

The bees are hurting very badly and are crying for your help, but you wouldn’t know because you don’t even say hello. Please help me help my planet. Her name is Gaia and she wants to talk to you too.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important article. God Blessings to you and your family. I love you.

Everything Speaks

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