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thought energy

Thought Energy

by Robert G Brown

Sunday 8/21/2016

Thought energy is the most powerful energy known to man. It has the power to shape the world we see. We are the governors of thought energy on this planet, meaning we are the creators of reality individually and collectively. What you Think does Matter. Wise, but also innocent, your thinking gives you the power of self-control and self-responsibility. Two important attributes in any walk of life. Master self-discipline by caring for those 2 attributes and you will see clearly your full potential.

Nowadays our thinking collectively creates a retarded world designed to hurt people. Think about it and you will see that it is true. If one person is hurting collectively and usually for most unconsciously, we all fell their pain. It is a universal fact. …And the people I meet on a daily basis are usually nice, but when it comes to change or new thinkings they are straight retarded. Does we all feel this way, or is it just me?

Our minds work so hard to uphold a strict routine these days, that we lose our passion for life. The thought energy that most of us use is either fixated on the past or the future to help cope with the stresses of life brought about by such a strict routine. But this actually causes so much stress that our routine walks us in a tight circle which carries most people to the grave.

Thinkons as described in Neo-Tech literature by Dr. Frank R Wallace described the power of a previously imagined Thinkon as our ability to connect information to bring forward a world so beautiful it would be hard to imagine right now. We are just beginning as a society to understand how thought energy works collectively, but we are too busy to even think for ourselves.

The hussle and bussle of daily life keeps us trapped from realizing our true potential. We even sometimes forget where we are going, because our mind is in some imaginary place in our past or future. This imaginary world upholds a collective reality that is barely even conscious. People always seem to be somewhere else in their head, instead of enjoying the world right in front of them.

Did you know that if you talk one piece of shit about someone behind their back, it has a detrimental effect on their well-being? We put so many pressures on each other, that at this moment, if we all felt one another’s pain across the planet, we would all probably shatter into tears, and wish were never treated anyone badly. Thought responsibility is so important, because when I look around I see a bunch of lethargic retards with some bright spots, and this how the government thinks. So, what do you think their solution is? Control them the best we can, and that’s just not good enough with all the beautiful minds we have on this planet…all of them.

Her name is Gaia, and like God she loves us. Giving life…caring for our needs, our planet gives all and expects nothing but you to share the love she gives. …But we trample her to death, and she still looks beautiful. Please remember, she feels our stress too, and a lot of times she feels sad and alone just like us. Say hello once in a while, she is worth it!

But seriously, who the fuck can believe that she is a spaceship, and it takes our collective thought energy to power the ship. Jupiter’s gases might have the ability to generate a forcefield for us. Our minds are that powerful united that the possiblities become endless, and God loves us so much, there is always something new, fun, and exciting to discover. So, why not end the struggle of separation and begin to accept one another for who we really are? The Sons and Daughters of God, that’s who we are.

Don’t let your thought energy hold you back from becoming the person you always dreamed you’d be. Use it to discipline your skills, so you are both a master of self-control and self-responsibility. I have been trying it, but alone it is very difficult. I can only imagine…the planet united as one.

Thought Energy

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