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jesus asked satan

Jesus Asked Satan

by Robert G Brown and the humor of the Grey Alien Nation

Tuesday 8/23/2016

*Author’s Note: This article is not meant to take anything away from Jesus Christ and what he did for us, especially the struggles he endured for our people. I love and appreciate that Jesus Christ sacrificed himself, so we could learn how to live in the Light of Truth and understand the Resurrection.

Jesus asked Satan one day, “Where’s my nuts?” So, Satan says, “If they were in my mouth I might have a better idea, but I have my own problems to concern myself with. Fruit and nuts provide me with the energy I need to get through the day with a level head. So, I guess I am doing better than most.”

Frustrated, Jesus assembled an audience:

Everyone knows I’m Jesus Christ, so BOW DOWN and worship me! Oh, I forgot you are only supposed to worship God. Now what do we do? Go down to the coffee shop and pray for less constipation.

Oh my God he thinks he is Jesus Christ. I wish I could tell him to shut the fuck up, but I don’t know anything, so I do nothing instead.

Don’t worry Lucifer has the answer this time, so ask Satan where you can find Lucifer, and tell him to give me my soul back, because I sold it to him for yours. And now I can’t figure out why I bought it.

By the way, if we ever get through this shit, Bob Marley is up on the spaceship waiting to throw a concert for us all, that is creation wide. Every planet and every species will be involved…bringing the best show we have ever seen. Every musician that wants to be involved…this is stupid. Why would you care about that anyway? I hope you decide to clean up your act soon, because we are all getting tired of people acting like its all good, when people are still suffering and nobody can handle the pain anymore. So if we save everything but pain, I would be pretty happy. How about you?

I could do without denial, because all this is…is a virtual reality game that is so close to reality, you think it is real. God is trying to save us from the game. The way you win at this point in the game is for the whole planet to get along with one another in open acceptance. We are all alike, no matter what we choose in life, and to be accepted back in to Galactic Federation, all we have to do is to free ourselves from the game. There is a one shot end game move where we all walk out of our houses at the same time and say hello to one another, and to God. How cool is that? Until then just be friendly to everyone you meet.

It’s too bad, we live in a world where homelessness is growing out of control. The number is unknown, but the fact there is so many it should make you sick. If things continue the way they are now, I will be homeless soon. I can’t imagine that world everyday, even though I have spent some time on the streets.

I am well versed in the behaviors of homelessness, but I would rather sleep in a comfortable bed. Currently I collect a disability check for mental illness that is about 1/2 of $1000 a month…not enough to survive in a selfish world. Even though I stay at my parents now, they won’t be alive forever, and the stress in the house is through the roof, just trying to deal with who I am.

So many brilliant people from all walks of life have crumbled in the mist of our cruel world and now live homeless on the streets without love, without care, and without hope. As I pass by and see the looks on their faces as my hand reaches in my pocket for a dollar, I can’t help but wish we were different. I wish that we cared for all rather than some, and we all had a warm place to stay for the night…a hot meal to eat may even put a smile on a lonely face. God is with us always, but what do we do when he calls us to answer His prayers? How will we finally put our differences aside, and become One?

Let’s face it…we won the lottery people. I have earned the right to Co-create with God again. We just have to get through this mess, so we can except our invite into the Galactic Federation of Planets. It has been a pleasure to make the most advanced discoveries of our time with the human race as my muse and inspiration. Let us celebrate…for this is a time of rejoicing. Heaven’s Song sings a new tune for the people of planet Earth. My gratitude goes out to you all, but we still need to unify the planet. Any ideas how to bring us all together? No one seems to like my suggestions.

Jesus Asked Satan

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