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Welcome to Dumbassville

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft 7/12/2015

Author’s Note: The following is a humorous poem that helps us understand the atrocity of the county jail system in the United States. While I was in Pasco County Jail this year the inmates inspired me to write this beautiful work of art.

Welcome to Dumbassville…where you can be a dumbass all the time! You thought you were a dumbass on the streets, but look at you now…lined up like cattle for chow 3 times a day. Then all you do is complain like a little bitch when you finally get your tray.

Your run for your soap refill like your running from the cops; then you throw your scumbag trash all over the floor. Now I am really excited to see what else Dumbassville has in store. You are more scared of the toilet flush button than the buttons on the kiosk touched by all.

Your wife and baby are at home alone, and some of you have another baby on the way. Then you beg your family for commissary money just to gamble it all away.

Dumbassville is what you choose, and then you turn around and sing the blues. This is a great place to get a clue, but it seems your inner dumbass is all you ever knew.

Maybe the art of dumbass is all you will ever know. Maybe all the drugs you took made you permanently stupid slow. Too bad you haven’t learned a thing…now it’s time for you to go. So, I guess we will see you next week when you come back again for more.

Dumbassville is a totally awesome place…where you can be a dumbass all the time. It’s almost time for chow; you better get in line.

Welcome to Dumbassville

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