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family first discovery

Original Drafts 11/3/2015 and 11/5/2015
Updated 11.10.2018

*Author’s Note: Family First Discovery states…if we treat everyone better than we treat our self and when everyone does it, something beautiful happens, and it brings forth Bob Marley’s prophecy of True Equality.

The concept of family first helps us understand the nature of love. It is the reason we as a planet and a civilization have come thus far. The problem is love is being replaced by selfish self value that separates the family rather than strengthen it. Being your own authority takes discipline and well developed family values. Without family, independent thought rests on nothing and is worthless, except to understand this point.

Understanding the meaning of family first gives you the ability to love unconditionally and allows you to be vulnerable knowing that your trust and faith you have in your family, known as The Spirit of God will keep you safe, protected, at peace, and in love always. Our current time as fearful as it is…sets the stage for us to forget this beautiful family first concept. Our minds filled with useless and selfish motivations leave us lethargic and depressed.

Healing starts at home then branches out from there. A spark of love is all it takes for a gentle fire to spread across Mother Earth, but you must be willing to take a chance on the perfect love of God. God can be used as a metaphor for strong family. Unconditional love gives everything and expects nothing. It may seem impossible at first, but this concept is so beautiful when everyone contributes with the same willingness. I need your help. Everything needs your help. Please help spread the unconditional love of family first.

The Meaning of Everything Begins with Worthiness

Ground Up Dynamics is the strength I now live by, so I have let go of all past expectations. What is ground up dynamics? It is the worthiness of my family…the Family of God. See the problem and solve it. It is the ability to get into the trenches of life and look closely at all the problems we face and how the power of our loving heart putting family first can effect a positive change. Then we must take the steps…one step at time to fix those problems. It takes everything to accomplish such a feat, and the rewards are endless. Like you could swim, drink, fish, and eat from the river, if you didn’t shit in it?

Are you willing to accept the protection of vulnerability by giving unconditional love and doing everything you do for your family knowing with that faith and affection you will always know God’s protection? Are you willing to experience the true equality of such love? Freedom is appreciation of everything mixed with the perfect love of creation.

So I ask you, “Are you willing to play your part?” I am here to heal my mother Gaia…she is my planet Earth. Alone I am weak and failed, but together with all, I am accomplished and my mother is healed. Will you join me in my mission? Will you be her savior? Will you be my savior?

My routine life is over. The extraordinary life of my loving heart giving all I have to give to you… and is my walk. I just hope you walk with me. I could use a friend, and will call you my family.

Never Stop

by Robert G Brown

The innocent lamb like the wings of a dove,

Keep you grounded when Heaven appears to be above,

Each step you take more worthy than the first,

And your family their to carry you when you need an extra burst,

The list is just a guideline, a map, a way across,

When the road looks rough and flooded,

From the blood shed upon the cross,

Remember the lesson was the life expressed by resurrection,

God is love so offer your affection,

Happiness is key and our door is never locked,

Working together as a family is even logical to Spock,

The lock has burst open,

A little willingness is all it took,

Mixed with the blind love found in faith,

And a heart that never stops.

The Right Answer: How Freedom and Reality put Sickness and Death Out of Business

Family First Discovery

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