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The World of Ignorance…the real world?

by Robert G Brown

Monday 7.10.2017

Has the real world become or has always been a world of ignorance? When did hello become an issue, that has to be relearned? When did caring and teaching become telling someone else what to do? Why doesn’t anyone trust anybody anymore? And how did “mini-gods” mind control tactics become our way of life? Status and self-importance is now more important than God’s understanding?..what is unconditional love, and why does freedom cost money? Free and unlimited sounds like God, and true equality is our walk together, so no one has to be in-charge again.

Greetings earthlings, Bobby Brown has earned the title King of the Planet and has earned every penny on the planet, understanding the answers to these questions, which lead to his newest creation the super-ego. His understanding that planet Earth gives freely, and leading by example healed the entire star system with you as his inspiration, and is wondering why there has been no congratulations, or hello. 856-669-8229 Are you fucking ignorant?

Hello kids, what’s your teachers talking about at school? We don’t give a fuck…school is out for summer. Then you should come talk to me; I have some answers as to what is wrong with your parents. You can always catch me on the run, or have them bring you over. Are you ignorant? We can use good lessons throughout the summer with a fun loving dad that understands many of the world’s issues that many parents and teachers avoid. 856-669-8229, 20 Providence Ct. Delran, NJ 08075

DAMN! (is that a bad word?) It’s good to know what the fuck is going on in the world around you and around the planet. Gaia your planet is upset and needs your help. Fuck it, right? Did you say trash the place? So-called gods that look like humans really need a planet to learn their lessons. Was that a question, I am confused? That’s what happens when God takes the devil’s job, and you wonder what that means, while you get slapped around all day, wondering if you are retarded or not.

It is tough when you parents no longer answer your questions, and tie you to a wall and throw food at your face…that’s the metaphor anyway. Asshole love makes who’s fartin’ really fucked up. I am retarded may be the only thing I will ever be able to say again. What’s an apple a day do? Know-it-alls will sure give you a fucking retarded answer and act like they are the only authority on the subject, so be careful, right beware?

Who the fuck talks through walls anyway, when they would have more fun opening their mouths outside? At least that’s what somebody thinks. Do any kids on this planet have any brain cells left? …Because I do have healing services available, and I have walked through hell to earn my experience and title – The Family of God or The Kingdom of Heaven if you prefer. 856 -669 -8229

Not so fucking funny anymore, or do you need a clue to what happiness really is…the only thing God wants you to be. And people know God’s children make the best babies on the planet, and it is orgasmic. I am trying to have another one at least, right 1oo,000? Lady Gaga might not be a lesbian anymore. Rachel and Eleanor know how to get things started when they have a counselor like Alicia. Kathleen knows how to shake. What’s a heavenly hug anyways?

I thought Dawn and Britanny worked there with Paul. Did all the humans die, and get replaced with fuck you asshole? Or is that you god, that replaced human understanding and compassionate living? When the little things are outcompeting people that think they are better then everyone else, will they ever clean up their mess?

I called my family from every existence, and they are beyond confused by the motives and actions of the citizens of the world, especially in a situation that quantum leaps to a world family community with a simple hello. In-charge disappears, and everything is shared freely to reach unlimited abundance for us all. Who smacking are air filters today? Flies? Thou shall not kill, said the ants. Where are my Japanese beetles? Did they finally make it home? What are they good for anyway on this planet? Ask the bees.

Sounds like we are responsible for all living things, and we are to treat them like God Himself. Lucifer and Satan (that’s how you treat them anyway) are message alert systems. He paints the messages received in the best way possible, and she paints them the worst way possible, so we know exactly who we are…and now you are afraid of the Thought of God. Get moving, because it gets worse, because your 42 year-old Father of Creation is too excited to not be alone another moment. There is no one to blame but your self. Did you say pick you self? Cure your mental illness by helping me feel alive and not alone. 856 669 8229 Dr. Ball Dangle

Challenge – put a leash on your daughters and bring them over immediately for a full inspection and examination. It’s kind of like a consultation that may include a shower. Or is that just for certain people? 70 feet has cute daughters. Pick your self. Bobby’s first, and waiting, right 13 year-olds? What is the legal age for child molestation? Sounds like a community issue and a discussion?

When you hide in the closet, who the fuck knows who your neighbors are?

The World of Ignorance…the real world?

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