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If God just wants everybody to be happy, you cannot just go around cracking people and think everybody is going to be happy. Telling somebody what to do feels like getting punched. Think about it?

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What do you like about the world?

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People are always talking about what is bad about something or someone where I live. They always tell you what is wrong and why they are right. People are afraid of everything and we let them teach us how to die. That is what happens when you see truth. You see the problem and you see the solution. You see what everyone is afraid of. You see they can’t control the world, they can only live in it and die in it, then they cover it up what they discover everyday, and try to control the world anyway, until they are old and dead or die young.

We miss out on life trying to live other peoples lives for them, by outdoing or outcompeting others, live like others, tell others what to do so we don’t live our own life, or we are just watching the world go by, like watching TV or sports. We involve ourselves in all types of ways in this world, but most paths lead to death.

There are teachers that teach life, but they are the minority it seems. You don’t here about many people rising from the dead to eternal life for all the world to witness like Jesus Christ. Many Christianity teachers priests and pastors treat God and the afterlife like and insurance policy that says you are going to die anyway, so maybe if you accept Jesus into your heart, you will go to Heaven when you are dead.

Relationships Pay the Cost of Ignorance and Denial


Reality as eternal life isn’t widely taught as tangible or obtainable. Freedom is a buzz word now. Everything costs money in this free country the United States. So what is free about it?

Freedom sounds so much more than what our planet of people in-charge offers. We offer locked doors and all information is privileged. Your lifestyle is earned by your dollar figure. Your subcultures and your extracurricular activities are your business and responsibility, but do any subcultures lead to a life of happiness or do we only involve ourselves to be a part of something we like or enjoy, to escape the pressures of living with a harsh civilization run by a scam sham system of gangsters pimps and whores, that destroy the fabric of a living society that seeks to solve problems. We make problems to sell things, but the solution is for us all. Reality is hidden and to reveal it takes your courage and Guidance from The Holy Spirit. Facing fear can be difficult, because you are afraid.

People sell death, instead of share the peaches growing freely on the peach tree like the time before boundary lines and property rights. Our land has been overridden by boundaries and limits, laws restrictions and many conditions. We build walls and lock each other in chains. Can you see it?

Money helped steal our relationships we once so deeply cherished. You can buy chains with money. Does freedom know chains? When was the last time you shared freely? Now we are being taught sharing imposes on others. They teach it in the mental hospitals. Don’t share your food. You don’t know anybody or how dirty they are. If you ever go to a mental hospital, you will probably hear something similar. You can find sanity there, you know?

Sanity knows connection. Insanity knows force. Sanity knows healing. Insanity knows status and image. Sanity knows protection. Insanity knows attack and defense. They don’t teach simple things like that at school or the mental institution. There is always something wrong to right or broken to fix. Nobody knows freedom, because they are always to busy doing something else. Then people go to pay the bills, on all that stuff that kept them busy. People could of made some money at work at the same time. Who knows who is who, or who does what?

Everybody talks a good game, but who is following through? Everyone knows the problem, but the discussion is as far as most will go lately. Everyone knows better, so they don’t have to do any of the work. Their almighty words were worth their labor, so now the rest of us are standing around holding the bag and nobody to lead us with example to unlock unlimited freedom via uncovering and learning about reality, and the many unimaginable voyages we will take into the unknown to discover all God gave in ways that express all the love of creation with thanks that share our happiness with all existence. That’s what God can handle? Happy children having fun and enjoying all the gifts of life. Play. Dance. Sing. Rejoice.

Relationships Garnish Our Wages and Live in Misery

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Relationships suffer in our world. Relationships are forever with eternal life. In our live to die civilization, we think we can dispose of anything. We kill to eat. We kill for game. We kill so-called pests (bugs, parasites, spiders, vermin, etc.), because we tell ourselves pests invade our lives and destroy our belongings. Do you even know a spider’s life function? We kill people for personal reasons that selfishly steal life from us all. We don’t realize, that if there is eternal creation, reincarnation helps us see clearly. We don’t throw anything away in God’s kingdom. But who believes in reincarnation, or knows about its reality?

Most of our teachers are quacks. They are too busy knowing everything or defending their point of view or upholding their status or hiding from their closet. Putting up a front or wearing a mask doesn’t exclude you from history.

They disguise themselves in the light with their act, that can be taken so seriously by the performer to uphold the lie and pretend it is the real person, to hide the dark past. The past can chain us in guilt and doubt, and now the world can scare us. Peace can restore our strength and our sanity.

So, be responsible and protect yourself. Look lightly on the world. It is dead. People don’t know it, because they are scared to die.

It is fine that we love and care enough to live somewhat peacefully, but it is not okay to live to die. Here, we live like life doesn’t matter that much. Our own self-guided lifestyles lead by self-responsibility establishes our societal foundation for living. As long as it is fairly calm and seemingly caring, no one bothers each other too much. Now everyone can die calmly, and we can call it at peace.

Status image and lifestyle play a bigger role here on our planet, than life growth care support and development, with a dead society running the masses down the drain in “business as usual,” we fight to survive. We lack resources and information to make informed decisions, especially poor people. Living together as one, at an eye-to-eye level with all is the lighted tunnel that ends sickness and death, and money goes out of business and it ends paid force backed authority. Government goes out of business, and trust light cooperation live happily as one. A world family community emerges and we live happily ever after. Peace. Joy. Excitement. Relaxation. Awe. A forever sharing of life’s gift from creation real world founded on reality is here. Where are you?

That is how lethargic we have become as a society, I think. How many people believe in eternal life and healing the world together? There are roughly 7.6 billion people on this planet. There may be dark laboratories, few know about, that hold millions of experimental abominations. Hybrids, cyborgs, robots, clones name a few that may exist.

The thrill for life is lost to our debts to the world. Something always feels amiss to the point that feeling wrong is the normal condition on our planet. No matter how nice or domineering the conversation, I never feel good enough to others or right with others so much of the time the way we live.

Everybody wants to sympathy and empathy and to be able to force you around. Insanity is right and sanity is wrong. Sanity is to big and broad of a view to a dying a world. People don’t have the ability to change on a global scale. Just go back to work, you will dead soon attitude.

That’s why we still use band-aids, but now we use pills like band-aids too. Healing is temporary here, and this area of the world wants you to take pills forever. Temporary meaning the world plans on you getting sick again and again. You keep getting sick here, until you are dead. Long term or permanent healing doesn’t cost money. That’s why we do anything anymore, isn’t it, for the money. Even if we are following our heart’s passion, we may like to use money in a world like ours. …But when someone like Jesus Christ showed us 2000 years ago permanent healing solutions, we would rather make money building a hospital, and because people like to control one another.

You have anything to add, or do you think it a different reason?

Sell Death and Little Treasures or Live Forever?

Why would anyone give birth in a world like this? Nobody must of known better. Everyone is in-charge and paid to act stupid and act like it is the right way to act, and then we are taught to be proud of it. It is sick once you see it. Everybody telling everybody what to do can make you feel like you have to vomit.

These words I have written can easily be glanced over or read thoroughly, like all the other words God’s kids have shared with us all in their acts displays art expressions performances books and literary works of our times. We have fought for each other for thousands of years. Warlords rape the world. The lessons of peace ignites love’s fire, as we burn as one. It is a lost memory or a faint memory for people that run and hide. Reality for those that learn our heart and use our mind to save the world and set it free. Purpose is human. God’s purpose is eternal life. My purpose is healing. Will you heal with me?

It could take a million years to figure life out, in a world that knows how to sell you death and little treasures along the way, to keep you from seeing death clearly, until it is too late, but you always have a choice, even locked in a dungeon. …And I know love is real, and how to love, so it doesn’t hurt. it is a delicate learning experience for those that want to share gladly and freely, and care for and support the growth and development of all life.

Do you have any friends here? If yes, are they watching you die?

Friendship is Waiting for Friends to Life

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Friends to life are different. They know the world is alive. Friends to people may kill each other in world like this. Friends to life protect life and seek adventure and find happiness all around them. They get angry at others for not being able to figure out how to live happily ever after.

What do people get mad at you about? What do you get mad about? Is there a way to see how insane somebody is by examining what makes them mad. If reality is life, does our angry show us our walls we built? The limits we set? Does it show us what we are afraid of?

How many people tell you, you are going to die someday? How many of those people do you consider friends? All those people taught you death is real. Now as long you believe their story, you slowly die, until you are dead. Friends to life teach peace. Friends to life solve problems. Friends to life seek reality and walk with freedom. What makes you happy? A friend would want to know and make you happy. That’s what I think.

I am a happy person, because I choose to think with God, and not against Him. Here, many people would call me crazy to write something like that. The same persons may know how to tell me what do immediately after their denial. Authority is temporary. External authority is mental illness. (being an external authority or listening to an external authority or imagining an authority like schizophrenia) No authority is reality, but you can use what we know about authority to find reality and learn peace.

Death and Authority Rule Earth

ioeration frienship

Then we are lost. We are surrounded by authority to the point schizophrenia seems like normal behavior. All the signs point to total meltdown mental breakdown on a brutalized planet covered with know-it-alls soon to be mental patients. Straight jackets may be in style by the end of the year.

How do we help each other? How do we take care of ourselves when we are old in this death infested place? Who do we trust, so we never have to worry again? What do we support to protect all life?

I met a friend along the way. His name is The Holy Spirit. Have you met Him yet?

A friend to life He is. Those that know Him are happier. This is still a harsh world. Dominion protects all life. We are far behind in our thinking, when dominion protects all life and we kill a lot of life each day. We imprison life. We trap life. We experiment on life. We experiment with life. We kill life.

We hold onto life rather than embrace it. Share your life. Give its gifts. Celebrate life. Appreciate life. Letting go hugs the world?

When we love life and love it more, and live life like it is forever, that is when we will free life from its tormented routine and heavy chains that hold us down, until death comes around. Live now. Live forever.

We will free life from the chains of routine death and save the world? How do we end the rule of external authority? How do you hear the voice of your heart and express its love? I think we should want to be strong in our Self, and care for all. Be cool.

Love, Bob

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