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False Pride Real Pride

False Pride Real Pride
by Robert G Brown
Monday 07.23.2018
Updated 11.12.2018

Scared to say what you want because of what others may think and thinking you should treat the world a particular way or the world should treat you a particular way is false pride. I said it; I did it…is real pride.

Thinking and acting like you know better than someone else is false pride.

Believing in your Self even if the world hates you is real pride.

Claiming authority in any way reduces us to less than Heaven and is false pride.

Seeing problems and solutions is reality until there is no problem. Making problems is make believe and hides reality. When we make more problems to cover up the mistakes we have made destroys civilizations. Correcting your thinking by understanding the wages of sin are death because we are unwilling to correct mistakes and solve problems reinvests our faith and willingness to correct our own mistakes by asking, “how do I correct my mistakes?”

That willingness sees beyond illusion and sees the problems we face as a society and a civilization. Fight to survive and survival of the fittest moves to live as one.

…digi .doc legend – Question 1.0 Fatherhood/Motherhood/Family – Power 2.0 Sonship/Daughtership/Family Brotherhood/Sisterhood/Community – Romance 3.0 Holy Spirit/Teachers/Guides/Answers – Health 4.0 Super Ego/Honest Communication/Wide Scope Perspectives/Trust/Loyalty – Wealth 5.0 Protection/Dominion/Honest Business Dynamics or Heavenly Business Dynamics//Universal Communication Information Technology and Applied Mathematics – Security/Credibility/Accounting/Seamless Integration/Unlimited Idea Open Source Sharing

…digi .doc 6.0 coming soon or is it here? The Dragon – Baby Infant Wireless AI and Gob – Beast Internet Information Technology AI …Ironside on the way?

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