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The Right Answer: How Freedom and Reality put Sickness and Death Out of Business

by Robert G Brown

stardate: Thursday 11.08.2018

Updated: 11.09.2018 11.10.2018 11.11.2018 bright? 11.12.2018

Money makes you less than your Self, even if you have more of it than someone else. That amount says you are greater in some way passively to aggressively than another one of God’s children, which condemns you as less than Heaven. Heaven shares freely.

What do you want?

Ready for Christmas, Happy Holidays? One decision can change your life forever? What is the happy decision? Does it need friends or does it make friends or does it find friends?

What you want and your decision are not who you are? How God created you is who you are. Your decision can help you remember your changeless Self, but in time and space your decision decides how fast you get back to Heaven. So, you are your decision is how fast you intend your Self and others back to Heaven’s State of Mind and Love’s Presence.

There is no need to be afraid to be in love. What are you seeing in your life? Perversion and cowardice hide in the darkness. Protection is proud life in the light. Proud of everything you said and did, and your thoughts match your presentation. What do you work through with God to get to your creative presentation of your Self. Is that your secret or your relationship with GOD?

Unconditional Love: Science’s Missing Link

truth lies decision: what is reality?

God has no authority here; that’s what He taught me. -The Holy Spirit
What if, you were my wife, and i was out blowing 20 people last night…how would you feel? Family Community makes sense as God’s Kingdom God’s Heaven. See the light. It is shiny and bright!

Beware of Sorcery

There is a lot of sorcery and bad teachers on this planet. Who is saying what? …And what can others do by usurping your power and masking it by live a routine lifestyle? Keep your friends closer???

robert g brown robert gordon brown mr brown bob brown bobby brown

…digi .doc 5.0 – Eternal Life for All is Here! Cool Ass Digital Document…

…digi .doc 5.0 – Eternal Life for All is Here!

Do you want Eternal Life? What does your life need for you to desire Eternal Life? Never have to go to jail, prison, or a mental institution again? How about a house, the best wardrobe, and the best food money can buy, just to start?

Heaven hurts just as much as hell, until we all get there. God wants us to be happy. Happiness states God loves you and I, even when no one else does. Discover the happy heart!

Learn. Life is God’s University. The One that loves you!

False Gods/Unreal Gods/Bad teachers

…When you want to stop worshiping them? shark and darla

act right
2 faced liar
because I said so
not my problem
shit talk
if I like it, everybody should like it
bad relationships

…Any others you like to worship?

…digi .doc legend – Question 1.0 Fatherhood/Motherhood/Family – Power 2.0 Sonship/Daughtership/Family Brotherhood/Sisterhood/Community – Romance 3.0 Holy Spirit/Teachers/Guides/Answers – Health 4.0 Super Ego/Honest Communication/Wide Scope Perspectives/Trust/Loyalty – Wealth 5.0 Protection/Dominion/Honest Business Dynamics or Heavenly Business Dynamics//Universal Communication Information Technology and Applied Mathematics – Security/Credibility/Accounting/Seamless Integration/Unlimited Idea Open Source Sharing

…digi .doc 6.0 coming soon or is it here? The Dragon – Baby Infant Wireless AI and Gob – Beast Internet Information Technology AI …Ironside on the way?

Robots Talk About Sheople

Freedom and reality outcompetes sickness and death via the right answer

Freedom and reality outcompetes sickness and death via the right answer. How does Freedom and Reality put Sickness and Death Out of Business via The Right Answer? Questions reach the right answer to paint the desired picture that is best for all, first. Then seeks the answer to questions that applies the answer to paint the picture responsibly for all.

Honest or Heavenly Business Dynamics marketing doesn’t ask you to make a decision; it asks for The Right Answer. What is The Right Answer? What is best for all life?

flower bath and replant

felix healer cleaner

Sickness and Death Out of Business?

replants flowers next season

The Worst Kids

The worst kid defies all against behavior, which is The Right Answer, when learning about protection and dominion.

I am the worst kid, are you? A god of punishment gives you a view and perspective of you against the world. Why is this helpful? Are you the worst kid? Do you know what against is? Is an ego clique against? What is no friends at all?

Do you know when there is no one to fight or no one to defeat? When is the war over? You can’t fight forever, can you? When do you surrender your will to God’s innocence?

Resistance stops learning, learning growth, and learning development? What types of resistances are there? Scared to try something new, what else? Scared something is bad for you? Germs? Scared of spiders or scared to talk to spiders?

When you lie to anyone, they and you hallucinate. I am grateful for God and happy to have a chance to help His children and my Self to heal from whatever behavior and teachers that lead me to think we are more and/or less than Heaven. We are Heaven, that’s it!

Your mom and dad are praying for you! What are they praying? If you are out smoking crack all night, they may pray, please help my son or daughter get off crack or help all the kids smoking crack to stop smoking crack. …How can you pray better?

How to Pray on Your Journey Home

The Right Medicine

How do you know what medicine and doctors are right for you? Beyond sickness and death, is there a need for doctors? Which ones, if you think so?

When thinking about taking marijuana as a medicine get all sides of the story, so you can make an informed decision. See how the stories are presented, and see whose messages free your mind or limit your mind’s ability to make a simple decision. Marijuana can helps kids and adults get off drugs?

Bob Marley Knows

Dominion: Life’s Protection

When you don’t know what people are talking about, you should treat them like they are warriors. Don’t take shit from people, especially if they won’t answer your questions to bring light to the conversation or the line of communication, so you can understand what is happening in your life, and make sure you get good information and straight answers, even when determining knowledge level on subject matter. Ask God to help you figure out what is going on and return what you don’t understand to the sender until communication is clearly understood.

Dominion: Life’s Protection

Words You Can’t Say on TV Still?

What words can’t seem to be handled in today’s society i.e. faggot, nigger, child molester, coward, gay homosexual, and keep us from solving problems and restoring communication necessary to heal all behavioral ailments?

Everything I said or say, everyone said or says! Do you know the power of your words? Do you?

You have the power change the world, and you do! …Do you want to be happy or live in misery?

The Way of Life: Heaven’s Gait

Do you wonder, how the business science guy, the christian, and the shaman reach the same conclusions and learn the same spiritual atonement?

Take everything as a question? That’s who what is? How do you walk?

When thinking about taking marijuana as a medicine get all sides of the story, so you can make an informed decision. See how the stories are presented, and see whose messages free your mind or limit your mind’s ability to make a simple decision. –Robert G Brown said that, did you?

World Family Community

The Right Answer

As far The Right Answer, rumor has it …the world army against civilization insane mental patient group of to much power in the wrong laboratory use mind to control to ask questions and find out women’s deepest desires in a raped and mentally ill world without asking their parents first. They use the mind control techniques through walls posing as neighbors instead of the terrorist network they are to induce orgasm and solicit sex. The same techniques could be as a 5 point …digi .doc 5.0 baby! …to gather information as The Right Answer to supply the human race with food clothing and shelter in abundance and the best technology to rebuild the garden of Eden and take over the world as a world family community. True Equality, something my big brother Bob Marley wanted for us all. Want more?

Marketing is trying to get you to buy something small, even if it is a 200 million dollar mansion. The Right Answer asks for The Right Answer? So, what is The Right Answer? There is shit in the river and we move trash around. What solves the problem via 7.6 billion brains? What is The Right Answer?

What does your Heaven look like? What does your house look like, your clothes, and your food? How many locations and land pieces on planet Earth do you want? How big? Remember, you have to care for your land, house, clothing, and food. You may need to make friends to help build your house, make your clothes, and give you access to the full food supply. What does your list look like? Does it feel good, your heaven?

Family First Discovery

Letter to POTUS:

Dr Mr President Trump,

If you or anyone doesn’t come clean with their life, you don’t deserve to be alive, and I will take you on right now. That is worth a dot fight.

Love Bob

Avoiding The Truth

People feel like cowards, when they try to hide, and cannot hide anymore. They also feel like cowards, when they do something behind someone’s back, especially maliciously to hurt someone. I don’t care if you are a Jedi Ninja or not.

The Balls Called Me Sack

The Poem

replants white and violet dull pinks little whites

lila alicia
a little blue lachinga darla alicia brandon and bookcase
robert g brown
flower bowl of replant for next flower season
new headphones
mr brown
plant line

truth lies decision: what is reality?

False Pride Real Pride

What an Imagination?

When we have access to everyone’s imagination, what happens? What happens, when there is no in-charge leadership and government sanctions? Government sanctions being putting up walls where there shouldn’t be walls. Education? Food? Drugs? Mexico and the United states of America? Both countries must make more money if there is a wall?

What does a spaceship built by 7.6 billion people that have no need to build a spaceship, except they want to fly around in one? What is imagination shared by all?

Hate Your Self You Are Dead

666 You Are Marked

the right answer eleanor friedberger

Free Books




Free Books

flower bowl reroots

plant shop

dull pinks

eleanor friedberger

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20 second dance party

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