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jesus has returned

Jesus has Returned
by Robert G Brown
Stardate: Wednesday 07.11.2018

Welcome home Jesus Christ. Prepare your house for the Lord. Mine is a little messy. How does your house look in the land of insanity? Is it a cover up operation, where you think the two-face surface will hide your insanity? Good thing He is a psychotherapist, and can heal insanity. He sent me to pave the road or am I Him? With all the confusion using mind control to feebly try to defeat the Kingdom of Heaven, who Knows? What a waste of time harboring insanity to control the populace, so we can all hate ourselves? If stupid assholes did win the war against Heaven, would you even have a friend after the war? If you do achieve sending people to the eternal pain and torture of hell, do you think you won’t suffer the same punishment? Stupidity doesn’t run planets or countries, it kills civilizations and ends life.

Drugs, sex, and war doesn’t solve problems, it covers the real issues like we shit in the river, and move trash around and charge money and pay people to make sure it gets done. A world that makes problems to make money isn’t a real world. It is a world of lies and deception, that gives a few people the power to afford all the world’s escapes from reality. Reality went missing a long time ago and freedom is a buzz word that means Suck-a-Dick Coward Faggot, Inc. runs the planet by charging you for everything, and making you feel guilty about every step you take, unless you build confidence in know-it-all behavior, until they stomp your head into the ground. What a metaphor for business-as-usual, that only knows sickness and death in the name of freedom that teaches only slavery?

Making problems to cover the real problems doesn’t solve problems; it fosters false power, false control, and false authority to blind people into selling out or selling their souls to become slaves to a broken system that rapes, and pillages the human mind to foster guilt and hatred, that keeps us all in prisons that look like houses. …But even the authorities and the rich are slaves in this system.

When you try to control anyone besides your Self, you end thinking and destroy life. Your boss tells you to tell your co-worker the task for the day, so you can receive your paycheck. So far it looks like nobody has had to think a thing to take on the task. If you already know your role or position, and have completed these types of tasks regularly, did you really have to think beyond being a simple program robot? There is some routine to the basic function of life, but has our whole world become a simple robot task? What real thinking have you done so far? Does your routine life lead to limitless expansion and eternal life, or routine rut and death, because you failed to see anything besides the simple tasks people tell you to complete? Beyond the job or career, do you have a spiritual foundation that leads us all to eternal life, or do you allow the world’s problems to mount and ignore the problems of life that are leading our civilization to its end?

Survival of the fittest fights to survive, but if civilization is destroyed, did evolution do a thing for your life? Live together as One leaps beyond evolution to Creation and begins your journey back to Love and your Creator to solve problems and unlock the mysteries of life that our loving Creator has placed on our path to bring us together gently in peace. Seeking freedom solves problems and helps us see reality, beyond sickness and death. Real freedom does not cost money, and if reality sees food, clothing, and shelter in abundance for all without in-charge leadership, government, and money, then all the problems we face surface clearly and we become radiant in the eyes of our Creator as saviors to the world as we work together with like minds to bring our people together to unlock the power of all minds to solve problems and build a world of beauty as we share our ideas freely.

Real power and authority seeks freedom and reality by solving problems and being self-responsible. Eye-to-eye thinking as family and community needs no external authority. Everyone is a teacher learner in a free society, and unlimited expansion through healthy growth and development as one family within God’s mind releases us from fear back to Love’s Presence and the peace of God. Why try to control others and stop thinking, when you can free your mind from slavery by seeing the problems we face and finding ways to solve them?

Our resources are like minds that end in-charge non-thinking leadership, and replaces them with the reality’s leadership, as examples to us all, that teach self-control, self-discipline, self-responsibility, and free-thinking, so we can ask questions that find solutions, bring answers to help correct mistakes and solve problems to reveal our innocence, that sits patiently beyond the guilt many so-called good citizens give so quickly and easily to so many people in our world. Guilty judgments steals happiness and is the cause of our society’s conflicts, and the reason why we are all mad.

A world family community moves beyond the fear of sharing, because we no longer have to sell our ideas or worry about someone stealing them. We can all add to each others ideas as friends and family to help our communities flourish as we solve problems, heal psychology quickly, and build in the beauty of The Creation. Our sick world fades away and the world becomes what it always was in our Creator’s eyes…eternal and peaceful bathed in the love of Creation. Joy and happiness replace pleasure and pain, and the world heals its insanity prudently with the support of all and eventually forever, so we live and celebrate in the Grace of Our Creator for the glory of Heaven. That is who we are…Heaven.

Healing transcends the physical to the Spirit, when your psychology remembers and embraces sanity. Even broken bones can heal instantly in the light of the Spirit, when all minds are healthy and sane. Healing is first priority and our only purpose when anyone is sick. Healthy again, we can get back to the joy of life as eternity expands forever in the perfection of our Creator and His Kingdom. Hello Heaven. Welcome home.

Now, I ask kindly for you to join my fight to solve problems, and put sickness and death out of of business?


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Jesus has Returned

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