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10 Best Discoveries for Open Source Freedom


From the desk of Robert G Brown:

10 Best Discoveries for Open Source Freedom

Beginning in 2015 to 2018 the 10 Best Discoveries of all time happened to found and establish open source as the valued credit of sharing and giving freely.

Or did we miss the show, because we went to the party to early and Armageddon came in slapped us for being good stupid people? I was there and i got slapped. I am here and now I am getting shredded, even if it looks like Swiss cheese. Nacho cheese bitch! Where is my dog?

Amazing discoveries free mental blocks that unleash unlimited freedom via reality dynamics that learn and adventure through connection communication and relationship to build proud bonds that share gladly their life in all lights gently with ease. Caring to dress the world in wonder, as we delight our breath with serene peace.

10 Best Discoveries for Open Source Freedom

1. Force threat and authority destroys civilization. Love upholds the world regardless learning with God’s children as we return to sharing and giving freely, knowing evil lurks until it is done playing with reality to understand reality and unlimited capabilities are founded in freedom and unconditional love that include us all, not terroristic criminal capitalism backed by armed and dangerous government.

2. Equality is a Solution not a buzz word and should be given all of our attention as eye-to-eye care for one another out-competes criminal business from a non-competitive perspective that accepts life to experience life and our freewill leads to freedom but has an imagined enemy named death and a trickster in our head that tries to deceive us all into becoming small and tribal, trivial and mundane. Together united as one is where freedom and reality live, not in the chaos of false outside authority. No one is in-charge of your life but you…not even God. Punishment is an illusion to trick you into feeling guilty. A creator that gives you everything wouldn’t keep you from experiencing it however you want. It is a shame we all effect each other but it gives us strength as teachers to correct and solve the problems that give our love power to death. Inequality steals strength is encouraging groups of people rather than societal equality. A loving creator would want you to happy, yes?

3. Every Person is a Teacher and should be trusted as a teacher to help understand community. When you sell drugs, you teach selling drugs is okay. Crack cocaine punches holes in neighborhoods …mainly houses and buildings but also the spirit of the family and community is covered by the fear that the pain and fear of loss drugs stir up in our lives. Teach marijuana and hemp is a medicine and a strong building material that is meant to be cut down helps us see our life cycle and the balance of nature. Our civilization is stressing the environment and our communities, because of the fear that allows others to govern our life. Living by example in all of your affairs openly within the Light of Truth is proud and powerful.

4. There is a Superior Love here on Earth that goes beyond scientic understanding as God’s Love should being knowledge, not learning. Even if God learns with us to experience the joy of our lives with us. New to our language for some these ideas?

Knowing a Love greater than our Self a superior love extended everything to each one us changes a human forever and clearly states the problem and is given authorty by nature as a point of singularity to address it until solved or corrected, as anger and stupidity may have different remedies, but hold each other’s key. The Holy Spirit’s Love and Guidance is lesson to behold and be told, and a little willingness is all it took to see Him there with me the whole time; it is hard to see when I didn’t Know Him there. Have you experienced God’s superior love?

5. You can build a Global Empire as God’s kid. The error for our civilization is FEAR is a virus that makes you believe death is real, if you invest in it. Food clothing and shelter in abundance no authority abundance God’s abundance is the solution to a global threat and a common authority problem contrary to freewill. Freewill leads to freedom. Autbortiy that stops freedom is crushed naturally by nature.

6. Warnings have the power to save the world. We shit in the river and move trash around is a classic warning. We take care of it, we make history. If we don’t, we look like shmucks. We drink eat swim and fish from the river. We don’t shit in it!

7. The Love Story holds the truth of strength power with discipline certain, as the secret to eternity bathes in the romantic glitter of madness that seeks friendship, not contracts. No deals.

The Holy Spirit is a real friend unseen by the illusion fear binds us to, until we wake up and see the real insanities. You charge your mother for her free food. Money reeks with the blood of a scam gone mad with rage against Itself that hides by default as appearances named you and me, as we murder each other in the name of righteousness, when it was fear that killed the life of freedom, and we died in vain, so we could be afraid to die.

8. Be a friend, but Know its responsibilities. Be happy. As One, what is One together? Us.

9. Networking to Support Growth and Development remembers relationships that drive to meet goals on the mission to stability in insanity then to healing the insanity by lending the experience to all on our path of life’s adventure.

10. Reducing the cost of living to zero or nothing is better than being rich. Freedom not understood has zero cost. Your home and business costs nothing, zero dollars to have or run…how do you see your life?

Do you see?

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Survival and security lit the way.

…digi .doc 5.0? 8.0 Free Information



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10 Best Discoveries for Open Source Freedom

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