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Secret to Immortality

Secret to Immortality?

…digi .doc 7.0 Immortality Eternal Life Freedom Reality

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We do effect each other. What is the cause? What do you invest in that makes you happy to fight insanity by seeing it clearly?

Who is The Holy Spirit? Do you Know Him as a friend, as a trustworthy certain or sure Answer?

What is eye-to-eye? That’s me over there. That’s a deep respect for Self in others you see as your Self, but is it pompous or honorable? Where does it lead? Who are your teachers? The writing on is on the wall. You are not looking at it right. Everyone is a teacher with the Power of God’s Mind. Prison is all I see. Who stole your soul? Was it me? Time’s up. Go over to the funeral home and make arrangements. Have a nice day with Mr. Nice Guy.

What is acceptable for health should be the only question until understood? I say it should be a world discussion. …But with what we have we can build a world network.


Where is my mind sickest in others? What is my monster? Who is under the monster mask I made for them?

Communication is broken or dull or perverted or intentionally retarded in most humans. Loud mind control is the substitute for a peaceful heart. Relationship inside and outside your body the same grants great power with God’s Kingdom Heaven. Discipline is strength in time of sickness disquised as business as usual jobs bills slavedriven death insurance called life insurance and a headstone, because you thought sleep was rest. Sleep is repair.

We don’t know anything when communication is clouded or disturbed, and if we don’t investigate safely we will die. You are already dead.

Who is The Holy Spirit? Do you Know Him as a friend, as a trustworthy certain or sure Answer?

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10 Best Discoveries for Open Source Freedom

Hate Your Self You Are Dead

by Robert G Brown

stardate: Tuesday 09.11.2018

Updated 11.11.2018

Where do you go down by the river to pick watercress for dinner? Because you can sell it, you can’t find it by the river anymore. The world just became a real evil place to not have an adventure like that around corner anymore. Hate your self.

Stop looking at the mask and thinking its reality. This is hocus pocus we invested in…not reality. People that control you with money have you selling your soul for a quick penny. There are no answers to your questions unless you are willing and ready to pay. What a scam we live in. Do you see it it? Even church and school cost money. What costs get in the way of you being your true Self. That Self that is happy. Know-it-alls destroy thinking and ignorance says it is someone else’s problem. What happens when you open a door? Too many doors are locked. What is behind those doors that stop freedom from finding reality. Why does freedom cost money in this world? How much information is unavailable because we think that their are special people that can know things that others can’t, and we pay them to know, so we can be stupid? Doesn’t that piss you off, that you are too stupid and dangerous to read classified files? Honest Abe said a divided house will fall.

Separation and division has crushed our house and community leaving family to slowly deteriorate until death do us part. We are taught to think we can’t do anything to change the world, but with a good job or a good education you can get better privileges in a dying world until it is too late to see your own death. You may have stood up for your self and others if your saw your own death on the horizon your whole life. Privileges were just too shiny, that you couldn’t see death playing in the shadows. A friend that has seen the living die over and over knows the way to the other side, and as a friend, death doesn’t mind guiding you through the pitfalls of a dead world. …But when life is for everyone do you see your own escape or everyone’s escape? How do you teach life to those that only want the special privileges of an unseen death? Hate you self or live by example while you hate your self? Or is there another Answer?

God knew we got lost when He lost communication with His children and created The Holy Spirit as a friend and guiding light. Is that a bad thing?

Insanity fights for power and control and uses guilt to foster ignorance and denial. Denial is ignorance in its massivist form. Intending ignorance to not know because of what we are scared of that we know…denial eats us alive, so we are even scared to be happy or feel bad about thinking that God would never want us to talk to Him ever again. Hiding our worries and problems in the closet we become the greater pervert and transcend our fears onto others. Perverts hide their lives and have no real answers. Their inside thought doesn’t reflect their outside life. Two faced and scared they see in-charge or tell-you-what-to-do tactics as safety, so you can’t see who they really are. They are sick and insane, and believe secret pleasure is happiness. Child molesters, rapists, thieves, and liars live their with all the evils. Who taught us to hide?

The world teaches that only the sick by our own definition are sick. We just got into bed with the devil, because he let us define sickness, without us knowing what sickness really is. If one is sick we are all sick gives us sight to see the solution to all sickness, instead of being glad we aren’t sick. Dead people aren’t sick, when someone else is. Freedom and reality see beyond the insanity of control and power and beyond sickness and death. Money is out of business like he asked, and a world family community (The Garden of Eden?) with food clothing and shelter in abundance and self-responsibility and world family community responsibility replace in-charge authorities and government. Meaning you a part of a family and you are responsible in your part that support the world with eye-to-eye with all as the moment-to-moment goal for health, wealth, relationship, and a superior love that knows freedom.

Friendship is the foundation for everlasting relationship. Hate your self your dead. …But you may meet a friend that leads you from the grave, once you see the importance of friendship. A friend doesn’t hurt you or Itself. A friend isn’t afraid to share its stories of mistakes, so you don’t do the same. what is a friend to you? Honest? Proud? Protective? Bold? Loving? Caring? Supportive? A light in the darkness? Informative? A teacher? A healer? A murderer? Hate you self your dead. At least you can tell your mom how I just killed you if she isn’t dead. Either way you get to live again, and may learn to never die. Life is for all? How do you save your friend’s life? Do you have any friends? Did sex kill friendship?

Sexual freedom for me is…I want to fuck my wife every which way to Heaven…not have sex with any person. I would like to play with the Kama Sutra. Many people think sex is love in today’s world…not friendship? Friendship is how I understand love in honest communication and healthy psychology with friends that seek reality and freedom. Secret games of affair lead to sickness and death by my observation. So, sanity leads to the greatest orgasm ever experienced?

Sanity lives in the light of truth and honest living and dream big accounting seeing from a broad perspective gives light to a world family community that knows no limits. Friendship builds strong relationships and unbreakable mental health, by sharing your whole life with your world. Be proud of your accomplishments and what you learned from your mistakes and become determined to solve problems. In a world of problems that cover up other problems, you could become a billionaire just focusing on problem solving. Insanity for control and power kills thinking and uses illusion to keep the people feeling guilty breeding ignorance that leads to denial and hell. Sanity saves the world every moment of every day, by solving the problems that our sick authoritarian civilization has propagated to hold onto false power that destroys planets if left unchecked.

Lethargic and lazy it remains that way it is, but at any moment you could see reality beyond the sorcerers illusion. You could see your heart purpose by looking closely at this world we call home, and your vision could save the world. Is a friend the world to you? Is your planet a friend? Does your planet share freely? How much do apples cost at the store that grew freely on her tree? Hate you self your dead. You must not have any friends. Suck a dick, Fuck you asshole, are the sorcerers messages to the dead soul they trapped in denial as business as usual continues to smash you planet, your family, and your life into the ground, while the leadership acts nice and pretends everything is fine. Hate your self you are dead.

Who is control of your life? What fears stop your happy dream? I am friend to the world and a decent message. Are you? People are scared of me because I am a friend. Are you scared of friendship? Has the enemy ate your brains already? Are you afraid and alone surrounded by nice people that want your sex or want to steal your ideas and for you to know nothing? Is that evil? Mr. Nice Guy knows how to get what he wants and leave you in a ditch, while your friends you left for Mr. Nice Guy wonder where you are? Are you dead? Do you hate your self? Will you ever live happily ever after? What is a friend? Are you a friend? Hate you self you are dead. A friend said that? Want a dollar? Want to hang out with rich people and do what no one else you know gets to do? What is a friend? Hate your self you are dead. A friend said that?


Healing Services

Kung Fu Class

You are your decision?

Is it a 5.0 …digi .doc?

…digi .doc legend –  Question 1.0 Fatherhood/Motherhood/Family – Power 2.0 Sonship/Daughtership/Family Brotherhood/Sisterhood/Community – Romance 3.0 Holy Spirit/Teachers/Guides/Answers – Health 4.0 Super Ego/Honest Communication/Wide Scope Perspectives/Trust/Loyalty – Wealth 5.0 Protection/Dominion/Honest Business Dynamics or Heavenly Business Dynamics//Universal Communication Information Technology and Applied Mathematics – Security/Credibility/Accounting/Seamless Integration/Unlimited Idea Open Source Sharing

…digi .doc 6.0 coming soon or is it here? The Dragon – Baby Infant Wireless AI and Gob – Beast Internet Information Technology AI …Ironside on the way?

666 You Are Marked

The Right Answer: How Freedom and Reality put Sickness and Death Out of Business

…digi .doc 5.0?

Robin Williams Resurrected

The secret to immortality is in what is given.



Secret to Immortality

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