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My Dad is The MARINES

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – Saturday 6/27/2015

Just so you know, my totally awesome Dad never spent a day in The MARINE Corp. or the US Armed Forces for that matter. It doesn’t take a warrior to be Superman in my book. The MARINES is simply my definition of Superman, and I attribute it to my appreciation for the US Armed Forces for protecting Our Family and Our Planet. (Hi Momma Gaia!)

But back to my Superman, my Dad, Robert L. Brown; you want to talk about hard work and effort? How about 35 years at the United Parcel Service? That’s right…what can Brown do for you? My Dad worked overtime every week they would allow it, usually 60+ hours a week and then working on the weekends making extra money any honest way he could. He would also work around the yard or upgrade or remodel the house with any extra time he could find. He had dreams, but he laid them aside for us, so we could be happy. Maybe that was his dream and I just didn’t realize. If that is not Superman, I don’t what is. I love you Dad! I hope you have a happy day.



P.S. We are The Family of God and we represent The Eagle. The Eagle represents Freedom. Thank You Eagle!


army vs. The MARINES Part III

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