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A Funny Joke

A Funny Joke

by Robert G Brown

Original Draft – Monday 6/30/15

My dear friend Staff Sergeant Wild Bill was with me in Pasco County Jail, and was a fireball of electricity until he started taking way to many prescriptions at one time. He was a Gift from God that snuck his into the US MARINE Corp. undetected as a Gift. We had a great time in jail didn’t we? Until you got kicked out anyway.

He would also post writings on the wall in jail, but his were much funnier than mine. So let’s begin with one of his jokes first.

Staff Sergeant Wild Bill says: You may not be able to get laid by a beautiful girl in jail, but you sure can go fuck your self. Hoo Rah! HalleluJAH!

Here is another good one: Did you ever hear about the one about the crazy army men that developed a Deep Cover 6 mind control program called MK Ultra? Where they were stealing half the brain of babies who needed head surgery when they were infants? These sick bastards conduct all kinds of nightmarish experiments that make most serial killers look like Cabbage Patch Kids. If you don’t know, these were cute little dolls that were popular when I was a kid.

Your imagination couldn’t even comprehend the insanity these retards are bent on accomplishing. The craziest part of the whole thing is the human brain is so amazing, that these dumbass retards split reality so a beautiful young Gift from God could see a completely different reality then everyone else around him saw. Maybe some you know what I am talking about. If you think it is hard to imagine…try living it! Haha very funny..good joke!

A Funny Joke

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