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baby eaters

Baby Eaters
by Robert G Brown
Wednesday 2.7.2018

Good morning. The world hides in closets to shield their ignorance, so they don’t have to think about the world’s problems. The wait for someone else to do it. We are here to heal the world, not ignore it. Ownership clouds your vision, as you pretend to live, while you are really waiting to die. You allow God’s children to get away with murder, by turning your head and closing your eyes.

Your world is over, crumbled, finished. If you ever hope to live again, stop ignoring the problems, and offer ideas to bring the solutions. Networking the world population gives us the ability to see our neighbors’ true colors. Are you here to help, or are you here to die? Either way get on with it, or change your mind. You are awesome in God’s eyes. What are you afraid of? How would you heal the world today?

Baby Eaters

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